My New Diet

Even though we eat out quite a bit, Lorenzo and I consider ourselves somewhat healthy eaters. But I can’t deny the fact that I’ve gained 20lbs that I can’t get rid of since moving to Georgia back in 2013. Lorenzo has gained some weight too, but it’s not excessive. I know that 20lbs sounds like a lot but it really isn’t. I am 5’7″ (which is a little tall for a woman) and I was underweight for that height. I literally went from a size 2 to a size 4 so no, it wasn’t a big deal.

At first I was in denial about my weight gain….that is until none of my jeans fit anymore and Lorenzo had to buy me new clothes. I’ve chalked it up to a combination of 3 things: 1) relationship weight (this is a real thing), 2) I’m in my 30’s and my metabolism is finally starting to slow down and 3) I don’t really walk that much anymore since I have to drive everywhere, and with the discovery of Shrimp and Grits for dinner it was almost a no-brainer.

While I’m happy with the weight gain, I did have to get used to carrying it around and working out with it. Back in October Lorenzo and I joined a gym and have been going pretty routinely, so one day I suggested that we try giving up meat for a month. We went semi-vegetarian for about a month, plus or minus 3-5 days. We went back to eating meat in December and I decided to give the vegetarian thing another shot in January.

So far, I’ve been doing…okay. I do most of the cooking and Lorenzo just eats whatever I make and so far I haven’t heard any complaints. I know that when he’s not here he’ll eat meat so one night I made him some chicken just so he know’s I didn’t completely turn on him. Because I’m not a full vegetarian and I really don’t know any, I rely on food apps to give me some ideas for dinner choices. I use the Pinterest, Food Network, Yummly, and Gojee Food apps to get dinner ideas. Just today I made a Spicy Vegetarian Chilli with Quinoa (from the Yummly app) which got great reviews, and the other night I made a Spinach and Squash Lasagna (I didn’t use lasagna noodles, I used the Farfalle- it looked like a complete mess but it still tasted good).

Spicy Vegetarian Chili with Quinoa

I haven’t considered a vegan diet because I haven’t completely committed to the vegetarian diet yet; I mean we went to a Superbowl party and I had to eat meat because everything – even the sides- had meat in them. I really  have to do more research on veganism, I feel like I need to learn more about what’s in these “substitutes” that they have at the supermarket. I don’t know if these options are just a fad right now and if I’m going to make this kind of change I want to know what I’m getting myself into.

So for now let’s just say I’m on the “I don’t eat meat when I don’t have to” diet. I haven’t lost any weight, but that’s not the goal. Its really forcing me to eat even more vegetables, try new things, and discover new recipes…plus I now have a newfound appreciation for mushrooms and tomatoes…almost. I do miss bacon though….


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Getting Myself Together

I am such a slacker.

I’m going to tell you why I’m such a slacker: I’ve been working from home for almost 3 weeks and I haven’t written a single post. That is terrible. I spend the day working but when I’m done Lorenzo and I will go to the gym for a few hours before we have dinner. We’ve also been helping Lorenzo’s sister create her own exercise and meal plan to help her lose weight and get in shape.

Lorenzo and I also decided to give up meat (with the exception of seafood) until Thanksgiving. I wanted to do it for a full month but I forgot we are traveling to see his family for Thanksgiving and I doubt that not eating meat would fly too well. We are only 5 days in and so far so good. I even went out on a limb and had a Quinoa burger with marinated beets for lunch yesterday. It wasn’t bad but it took me a long time afterwards to determine if I was still hungry or not. I honestly wasn’t sure. I think my stomach was trying to psych me out and make me think that I wasn’t so I would try to get some beef instead.

Putting limits on the stuff I’m used to is going to force me to branch out and try other things and I’m completely open to that. Growing up, Lorenzo and I were very limited as to what we ate. Lorenzo had never been to a restaurant until he was 16 or 17. My mom never branched out with anything beyond what she knew and the only thing she knew was mostly traditional southern food. I swear we ate chicken and rice so much I thought I was going to grow feathers.

So it’s safe to say Lorenzo and I are pretty open minded when it comes to food. I was kind of surprised he went for the vegetarian thing. But this is good, because it’ll force me to cook more and make sure we are getting plenty of vegetables in our diet.

Oh! And speaking of cooking- we went to a cooking class the other day. It was at Sur la Table and it was actually pretty cool. It helps that both Lorenzo and I already know how to cook, it was just nice to learn something new. I had brussel sprouts! My mom never used to make them growing up and then the perception that you have of them from television is that they are gross so I was never eager to try them. I have come to learn that is not necessarily true. They are actually quite good.

Cooking Class

One day I might get fancy and try to make them myself.

Anyway I need to make sure I don’t neglect my writing. I’ll have to get focused and get myself together to make sure I don’t stop writing. No excuses.