Memorial Day and Moving On

I know that I am extremely late with this post but, I had a nice Memorial Day weekend (and I hope you guys did too). Lorenzo and I packed up the car and drove about 6 ½ hours to Daytona Beach, where Lorenzo’s sister lives, to celebrate her eldest son’s high school graduation. Lorenzo and I also “celebrated” our one year wedding anniversary last Friday as well. Why the quotations? Well, because really didn’t do anything special to acknowledge the occasion. We both worked all day, (well, I worked all day, I don’t know what Lorenzo was doing) and by the time we were done, we had to pack for the trip. We went to dinner at The Palm, just to say we did something, and because we really didn’t feel like cooking. Then we got up at 3 am and were on the road by 4am.

Of all of his siblings, only two were unable to attend. On Saturday, we had a party, and I was able to chat with a few of Lorenzo’s aunts about what he was like as a child. I wanted to get some insight on what our future children’s personalities may be like. Since the graduation was Sunday night, we took Lorenzo’s aunts, mom, and sisters out to brunch about an hour away in Titusville at a place called Shiloh’s Steak House. The graduation was nice; at the beginning of the ceremony the announcer recapped all of the world events that were going on at the time from when all the graduates were born up until this year. I did a little math and realized that most of these kids were born around the time I was getting ready to graduate high school myself! Ugh… Anyway, the announcer made a statement that resonated with me, he said:

“Most people don’t live the life they want; they live the life they were given.”

I liked that statement because it rang true for a lot of people that I know. They think they have to live the life they were born into and don’t try hard enough to do anything else. The life that I was given is the entire reason I work so hard- I don’t want to relive that every day…but I digress.

In other news, I have decided that I’m going to put this blog to bed. I started this blog three years ago before I moved to Atlanta and it covers my move here, my engagement, my new home, all the places I’ve visited, my wedding and honeymoon, my job search and starting my Master’s program. This isn’t necessarily a goodbye, but more like, “see you on my next blog”. I still haven’t decided what to call it yet, but I want to have it launched by July. This one will still be about my life, but not specifically about moving to Atlanta. Maybe I’ll talk more about my marriage…maybe Lorenzo will write something from time to time…we’ll see.

I have some work to take care of for the next two weeks, so I will make sure to post information about the new blog on my next post. Until then, enjoy the summer!


Family is Forever


Over the past 3 weeks I have been sad, then happy, then sad again (okay, well not really ‘sad’ but just not as happy). Why? Well because right before Memorial Day, Lorenzo had to leave to start his annual commitment with the Marine Corps. So not only did he miss Memorial Day weekend with me, he also missed the opportunity to meet my nieces Jojo and Mya. The day after Lorenzo left, my sister Morgan, her fiance (I can officially say that now, I think), and their two girls come down to visit his family who also lives here in Georgia. Jae (Morgan’s fiance) has a younger brother who was graduating from high school, so they all came down along with his grandmother, aunt and cousin to celebrate. The plan was for them to stay for a week, but Morgan ended up loving it here so much that she extended her stay for another week. I still have to figure out how she got the airlines to extend her stay for $29, but I digress.

LorenzoJo and I

I’m not gonna lie, it was weird holding a baby again. My youngest sister will be 19 this year, and the only other children I’ve spend a good amount of time with was my cousin Nile, but I went to Iraq a few months after he was born so by the time I came home he was too big to be held. He was already running around. I am so surprised that my little sister is a mother. She always talked about having children, so I am not surprised that she is handling everything so well. She was telling me about all of her “maternal instincts” that just take over when she’s with the baby. I think its amazing. Jordin (Jojo for short) is a very happy baby; she smiles A LOT, and her Mya is LOVING the fact that she’s a big sister now. Spending time with Jae and his family was really very nice. His family is very loving and hospitable and you can tell they have a good time together. When Jae and Mya went home after staying for a week, Morgan and Jo came and stayed with me for another week. My brother Keith came over for the weekend also, so we all got to spend some time together since he didn’t get a chance to meet Jo yet either. I enjoyed having them here (especially since Lorenzo wasn’t around).

Mya and Jo Happy BabyJojo

Jojo is a pretty good baby. I think I did okay with her when I held her; she only cried with me a few times LOL. She was definitely my friend when I was dancing with her and she threw up all over me. I started to laugh and she ended up laughing harder that I did. It was a little tough to send them home (Morgan didn’t want to leave either), but I had to turn around and get ready to start my annual commitment.

Lorenzo and I talk every day, and last night we decided that we have to get serious about the wedding. No more messing around and procrastinating. Whether we go traditional, beach wedding, Vegas, or courthouse, we have to start making serious plans soon. I still haven’t made up my mind about anything beyond the colors. Yes, I know I am a mess. I have two weeks of military training ahead of me and once this is done, I really won’t have too much of an excuse (except for school maybe); but since Lorenzo and I are planning together, it shouldn’t be that bad. *fingers crossed*

When baby vomit attacks Jo laughing at me Teeny Tiny Tootsies

I’m sure I won’t take lots of pictures during my training event (I’ve lost the love of traveling with the military a long time ago), but I’ll definitely make sure to take tons when Lorenzo and I take a trip on the 4th of July. 🙂

See you in 2 weeks!