So…Where Do I Start?

My name is Alexandra and I am about to begin a new chapter in my life. On one hand, I am incredibly excited and can’t wait to begin but on the other hand I am terrified about all the uncertainty I am about to face. Everything will be new: my city, my home, my roommate, my job…everything. I have been mentally preparing myself for this for about 2 years now, but only physically for about the past month or so. My family still doesn’t believe that I’m going to go, even though most of my stuff is already in boxes.

I’m not a girl from a small town moving to a big city, but a grown woman moving from a big city…to an even bigger city…and with a man to boot. I have to find a job, make friends, get used to driving everywhere, not being dependent on public transportation, get used to not having my family around, find someone to do my hair, and pump my own gas, all while continuing to build my relationship with my boyfriend. Of all those things I think living with my boyfriend is probably going to be the easiest– I hate having to pump my own gas.

New Jersey is my home; it always has been-hence the contempt with the gas situation. For the past 7 years (minus 18 months for a tour in Iraq) New York City has been my place of employment and now I’m moving to Atlanta, Georgia and did I mention it was with a man? I was introduced to this man by a mutual friend about 2 years ago. There are times when I think to myself that God created him just for me; we complement each other so well that it’s a little unreal. Sometimes he is absolutely amazing and too good to be true and there are other times when he is so very human and imperfect…and I cannot wait to begin my life with him.

Leaving NJ/NY is going to be hard because everything I know is here. The only times I’ve ever lived away from home was when I was in college and when I had to go on active duty  for mobilizations and deployments, and those don’t even count because I always knew when it was over I was going back home. Plus I’ve never lived with a man before; I was always either with my siblings or by myself so that’s going to be new. Very, very new. My boyfriend hasn’t lived at home since he was 19, so living away from his family is nothing new to him, but he worries about me getting homesick all the time. I worry about it too, but I know that I need to put on my big girl undies and deal with it.

I am about to do something completely different and felt the urge to document the experience. It will be different, exciting, new, fun. I know every day won’t be noteworthy but I’m hoping to keep in interesting.