The Next Move

Man, that was a long two weeks. I will never get used to how when I am at home the days seem to fly by but the moment I put on my uniform time seems to stand still- for hours at a time. This year for my 2-week training event we took a bus out to Arkansas (I know, totally random) and met up with an active duty unit, while we were training National Guard soldiers. Total integration.

I’m normally not a fan of working with Active Duty guys; most of the ones I’ve come across in the past had all these negative preconceived notions about reservists and treated people they’ve never met based on those ideas. They tended to look down on us because we opted not to join the “real Army” and accused us of not being fully committed even though they had no idea why we joined or what our individual circumstances were. This group, however, I really enjoyed working with. Everyone was nice, there was no judgment, and even the commander was easy to talk to (I’ve met some really…not so friendly commanders in the past).  And I hope to be able to work with them again in the future.


I thought my role was going to be an outside role; that’s what I was used to. I was always in the field- outside all day, in the sun, sweating so much that my skin was gross and clammy at the end of the day. But I ended up having an office role. I enjoyed not having to be outside all day, but I was annoyed (and bored) being stuck in the office all day. The ONE day I did get to go out was good for me (it was supposed to be a 2-day event, but a training accident called for the second day to be canceled). The day was everything I’d expected: hot, sweaty, and LONG. Even though I had a pretty decent time, I was more that elated to come back home, see my husband, and sleep in my bed!

But now that I’m back home, it’s time to focus on the future. I just finished my marketing class, and my next class is online, and it starts in a few weeks. I’ll also be visiting New Jersey for a few weeks as well. This will give me time to spend with my nieces and to show my face at work. I don’t want to be labeled the chick who sits on the couch and watches soap operas all day. It’ll be good to spend more than a few days here and there with my family, and maybe I’ll get to see some of my friends this time. Maybe.

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