Be Careful What With What You Wish For

I remember saying on my last post that Lorenzo and I haven’t done much of anything lately and I guess I have to eat my words now. Not only did we hang out for most of last weekend but this weekend (starting today) and next week are completely booked.

Last weekend we started off by attending the wedding of Lorenzo’s high school best friend. He and Lorenzo haven’t seen each other in about 10 years since moving to Atlanta. They ran into each other earlier this year when we were having dinner at Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint

The wedding was in afternoon, so that night we went out to celebrate a birthday of one of Lorenzo’s former co-workers. We haven’t seen this couple since we celebrated his birthday when I first moved here. Next thing I know two years have flown by and now we are celebrating another birthday. We went to a new place called Do (pronounced “dough”) This restaurant was very nice. All of the furniture was white and they had music videos projected all over the walls. Our party was upstairs, and outside on the balcony.

We ended that night kind of early because we had to get up and take care of some maintenance with Lorenzo’s car, then spent the afternoon in Snellville with our other friends watching football. Tonight we are going with them on a double date to see Creed Movie. Tomorrow, we were invited to hang out with one of Lorenzo’s Marine Corps buddies, but I think he wanted to have a guys’ night out instead of hanging with the wives. I am totally cool with that because it gives me a night to relax by myself. Saturday is going to be another birthday party for another friend- dinner and dancing, then brunch on Sunday with a different couple. Then next week we fly home to spend Christmas with my family.


People love to invite Lorenzo places. He’s just a lovable kind of person; I’m a little (okay A LOT) more introverted than he is, so I don’t get all those invitations that he does and I had to tell him that next time I want to do absolutely NOTHING on the weekend, he should be okay with that. He was.

I don’t know what happened to me. I used to go out all of the time- you couldn’t get me to stay in house if you tried. There were times where I was paying rent a places that I only showered and slept in. Work, school, family, and friends always kept me busy. Maybe I should look into next year with a more positive outlook about getting out more. I mean, I work from home now, I should be THRILLED to get out of the house.


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