Chistmas Means Shopping

This time of the year most people like to spend their money shopping for Christmas (or for whichever holiday they choose to celebrate) which is totally normal, right? But for me, this is the time of year I like to buy lots of things for myself. Why? Because everything is on sale all…month…long. And its a pretty beautiful thing.

I guess that’s why I never make a big deal about Black Friday, because most of the places I shop in will extend some sort of sale during the entire month of December. I stock up on major ticket items for the house, or just little things I’ve been wanting to buy but just never have for some reason. There’s nothing like getting something you’ve been coveting for a long time, but its even better when you get it on sale.

I’ve had major issues with shopping in the past, just overall spending most of my money on “things” just because of the simple fact that I could, not necessarily because I needed them. One day a wrote out a list of what a made, and then what I was spending on bills, wondered where all of my money was going and discovered what my problem was. I learned the difference between a want and a need so now I wait, sometimes months, before I buy things just to make sure its not just a random splurge.

Anyway, Lorenzo and I are going to fly up to New Jersey to spend Christmas with my family, since we’ve spent Thanksgiving with his. My family and I normally have a Secret Santa…because there are so many of us its just easier to buy one gift. We’ve had to put some rules on it because we’ve had some people just end up with gift cards or cash, which is a complete waste of time in my book. Hopefully that won’t be an issue this time.

Lorenzo and I have also continued with our vegetarian experiment which I thought was pretty good. We haven’t completely made a transition, there were about 3 days  where there was chicken involved but we are being more proactive about it. For example, last night I successfully made black bean burgers for the first time using a recipe I found on If I find something on Pintrest, I’ll just go to that website, find a recipe with ingredients that I like and go from there. Its been working out pretty good so far.

Do I have any vegetarian readers? What are your favorite vegetarian dishes? Any recommended websites I should know about?

Lorenzo and I haven’t done anything new in Atlanta in a while, so I think its time to venture out and do something this weekend…. anything…..hmmm….

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