The Holidays Are Coming

It’s almost Thanksgiving! Where has the year gone?

Anyways, I’ve been working from for about a month now and it’s a lot cooler than I thought it was going to be. I don’t get too bored and there is not a lot of free time so I’m usually pretty busy for almost the whole day. I get to go for runs on my lunch (sometimes) and it gives me more time to plan out my dinners.

Lorenzo and I are still on the vegetarian experiment until Thanksgiving, even though we totally cheated on Saturday and went to The Melting Pot and had filet mignon and chicken with dinner. It was so worth it. I also made my own cheese dip using the fondue maker Lorenzo’s sister gave us for Christmas last year. I made with with beer using a recipe I saw on Facebook for macaroni and cheese. It turned out pretty good, even though I think I used too much beer. Lorenzo and I don’t drink beer as our normal alcoholic beverage of choice so the funniest thing about that night was going to buy the beer. We had no idea which to use; we were staring at all the options like we were actually making a really important decision. We ended up getting this huge can of Bud Light from the gas station and I didn’t even use it all. (side note: how long can you leave an open can of beer in the fridge? A day? Two?)

Maybe I’ll try it again (with a better beer) and see how it turns out. But for now I’ll stick to just the cheese. This is going to be a short week because Thanksgiving coming up and Lorenzo and I are heading out to Myrtle Beach again this year to spend time with his family (I wanted to go back to New Jersey for Christmas but was too lazy to book a flight). Plus I wanted to see if I could save some money this month. I let my credit cards bills get a little out of control, plus Christmas is coming up so I didn’t want to make any unnecessary purchases. AND, two of my sisters and my brother are coming to visit in January and I want to make sure to show them a good time. Plus it’s probably cold as hell in NJ, and I really don’t want to deal with it.

Lorenzo and I may do some Black Friday shopping because we need a few things for the house, but I’m not going to be out there early in the morning fighting a crowd. If we have time we’ll go later on in the day after the crazies have long gone home and see what’s available. This should be fun…yay… (I know it’s hard to tell what my tone is because I’m writing, but that last sentence was complete sarcasm).



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2 thoughts on “The Holidays Are Coming”

  1. Can you really count Bud Light as beer? 😉 Toss the can…it’s not good at this point. If you want to try a beer/cheese recipe again try a lager or an ale. I like to go for a local brewery just to experiment and support local businesses.

    Going shopping later in the day on Black Friday has always been my method. There’s still plenty of stock and a whole lot less crazies.

    1. I’m not really sure! I know nothing about beer- like ZERO- I think where we messed up was that we were the in gas station looking for one so the options were kind of limited. I normally don’t shop on Black Friday at all, but Lorenzo wants to get some things. I think it’s overrated, and I never see any really good deals on the things I need. I’m not trying to get trampled over some pots that might be $5 off. LOL

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