5 Ways To Get Yourself Kicked Off My Zombie Apocalypse Team

Guess what is happening tonight? The Walking Dead returns! (whoohooo)

Lorenzo introduced me to this show a few years ago and I thought I was going to hate it…but boy was I wrong. I love the show and there are times when I am at work when dealing with a ridiculous customer that I wish that the apocalypse would just start right then and there.

Lorenzo and I have this running joke where almost everything we do revolves around preparing for the apocalypse. When we are in the car or walking around and we see someone doing something…well…stupid, we always talk about how they would never be able to be a part of our survival team. Sometimes our workouts are catered to preparing for it (hint: there’s usually a lot of cardio involved).

Here are a few things that would get you kicked off of our team:

  1. You’re stupid. This is a big deal. Please don’t be “that guy”. You know, the one making all the bad decisions?
  2. You are scared to kill a zombie. Kill or be zombie food.
  3. You’re useless. Don’t be a Eugene. Have some sort of skill that can be used for the good of the group.
  4. You’re reckless. Sometimes you might have to take a risk, but don’t get other people killed because you have thrill issues.
  5. You can’t hack it. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Have your nervous breakdown / panic attack in your room at night, not when it’s time to fight off a herd.

This list is obviously a work in progress. People never cease to amaze us with the crazy things they do so I’m sure there will be an updated list later on.

What are your apocalypse pet peeves?

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