Our Visit to Hawai’i

Here it is! The long awaited post about our trip to Honolulu. If you’ve been following me for the past few months you’ll know that I’ve been looking forward to this trip all year. Lorenzo and I decided to not only have our honeymoon there, but to also have a private ceremony as well. We hired a Reverend and a photographer to document the occasion.

This is post is going to be mostly pictures, I’ll do my best not to talk so much. (FYI: the feature picture is of Lorenzo and I when we went parasailing. I’m thinking about blowing this pic up and framing it).

We stayed in Waikiki for the week, the area is full of hotels, shops, restaurants, and there is a mall not far from the hotel we stayed in. We rented a car at the suggestion of some of Lorenzo’s coworkers and it totally came in handy. The only negative part about this trip was that we went during hurricane season, so there was a huge storm that came through the day before we got there and it rained everyday we were there. It didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves though.


We went parasailing and we also went to visit Pearl Harbor. While were there we toured the USS Bowfin; during that tour through the ship I realized that you cannot be claustrophobic and be in the Navy. Its just not going to work. They also have 2 free museums and a walking tour that you can visit before touring the USS Arizona- the ship that sank in the attack by the Japanese during World War II. After leaving Pearl Harbor, we drove all the way to the other side of the island to attend a Luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center. We weren’t allowed to take photos or record during the show, so unfortunately, I don’t have any photos 😦

On the USS Bowfin
Inside the USS Bowfin
Replica of the USS Arizona
Memorial sits on top of the USS Arizona


Souvenirs made of bullet shells
Souvenirs made of bullet shells

The day we were supposed have our ceremony, it’d rained so we had to postpone it for another day. I was really sad because I’d gotten all dressed up and even went to Sephora to get my makeup done for the event. We just ended up staying in our room eating potato chips until the rain stopped and then went to dinner at a local restaurant. The morning we had the ceremony started off well, but then the sun came up and I’m pretty sure I was sweating like a pig. We won’t get the pictures back from the photographer for a few weeks, so I’m excited about seeing them.

Out to dinner
Out to dinner
After the ceremony
After the ceremony
View of the park where we had our ceremony (taken from the hotel room)
View of the park where we had our ceremony (taken from the hotel room)

We also went to other parts of the island to take more photos and the last day we were there, we went to swim with sharks. This is what I was looking forward to for the entire trip. We drove about an hour away from Waikiki, got on a boat and went out about 3 miles into the water. We got in a cage that was floating out in the water and stayed in the water for about 15-20 minutes just for not a single shark to show up. The company offered to reschedule us but since we were leaving they gave us a refund.


IMG_4713 IMG_4750

All in all we had a great time. I would definitely go back to visit Maui and some of the other islands. Maybe we can try the shark experience again and see an actual shark. Hawai’i is a place I would definitely recommend going if you can, just don’t go during hurricane season.

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