I made it home on Friday afternoon after hitting some traffic on I-75. I came home to a super clean (and slightly redecorated) apartment that afternoon, where my husband and best friend were waiting for me. After unpacking and doing some online shopping the 3 of us went to get some dinner and drinks.

First we went to a restaurant call Polaris located at the top of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Its a revolving restaurant, like the Sundial, and what I liked about it was that it was more of a lounge as well. There were long couches and coffee tables in addition to regular dinner tables. It has a very upscale ambiance that I liked. We ordered drinks and appetizers, Vietnamese Spring Rolls and the Cheese Platter, but Lorenzo and Tia thought the dinner menu was limited so we decided to go somewhere else for dinner.

Me, Lorenzo, Tia
Me, Lorenzo, Tia

After Polaris, we went to another restaurant called Time. This restaurant was more casual and the dinner menu was a bit more extensive than Polaris. The only thing I didn’t like about this place was that the music was kind of loud so it made it hard for the 3 of us to converse. The food was prepared well. I had scallops, Tia had salmon, and Lorenzo had shrimp tacos.

Tia had to leave for a military school on Saturday morning, so Lorenzo and I stayed at home for most of the day. We wanted to go the the car and bike show at the Congress center, but my stomach was bothering me almost the entire day (it still is to be honest). But just to get out of the house we went to the Uptown Comedy Corner for the late show and then to Landmark Diner in Buckhead afterwards. To me there is nothing special about diners- I’m from New Jersey- I used to go to diners all of the time.

We’ve been going out a lot this weekend and today I get to just do my hair and get ready to go back to work tomorrow *rolls eyes*.

August is going to be a good month for me though. I’m getting to to back home to New Jersey, we are going on vacation, and my birthday is coming up. Yes, I’m almost in my mid-thirties and I still look forward to birthdays. I hope its something I never get tired of.

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