Staying In Your (Financial) Lane

Whenever a junior enlisted soldier tries to step too far above or outside of the realm of their pay grade, their Sergeant might tell them to “stay in their lane”. This term can be used for other times as well, like when someone is getting a little too comfortable with telling you their opinions about how you should: run your life, raise your kids, spend your money, etc.

It’s easy to tell other people to stay in their lane but I realize that some people have a hard time staying in their own lane, especially when it comes to finances.

A few of the things I love about Lorenzo is that he is ambitious, realistic, and responsible when it comes to his job and his finances. We are always, and I mean always, talking about what we are going to do to make more money, ways to save money and how we plan to capitalize on the money that we make and save.

He tells me stories about people he knows who complain about their financial situations, their spouse not working or wanting to work, how they want to do things that they feel they can’t and so on. His question is always the same, “What do they talk about in their relationship?”

My response is always the same, “Not their finances, obviously.” I always wonder why they just don’t sit down, work out a plan, and stick to it to meet their goals.

I try to a imagine a relationship where we don’t talk about the important things, and I just can’t do it. Even if we disagree on how to get there, at least there is a dialog and sooner or later someone will have to compromise for the greater good of the relationship.

Lorenzo and I don’t jump on the bandwagon either. People have tried to convince him to buy a house, buy season tickets for the Hawks games, and even have a baby all because it was something they did.

Now, while the other stuff didn’t bother me, the baby comment did. Excuse me, dude, Lorenzo having a baby is a decision that he has to make with ME, not you. What’s crazy is that I’ve never met the guy, so its not like he’s a close friend and our kids would grow up together…so what was he expecting to gain from that?

Ugh…I digress.

We do things on our own time, and even though we take small steps, we are at least taking steps instead of complaining about what we don’t have. We cut back when we have to, and spend when we want to.

Lorenzo likes to write things down; it completely helps when making major decisions- especially when it comes to money.

What do you do to improve your financial situation? Any tips for saving money, making more money? How do you talk to your significant other when it comes to important topics like money, goals, and plans for the relationship?


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