8 Simple Ways To Get Unstuck By Venturing Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

I love this.

Thought Catalog

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I was broke and tired everyday. I was “stuck” at my job and I couldn’t get up in the morning. I’d set my alarm two hours before I had to get up and hit snooze until it was eight o’clock. I’d roll on the floor and just lay there looking at the ceiling.

I was late for work every day. My boss told his boss and they pulled me aside. “You have to start coming in on time. Or we’ll find someone who can.”

I typed into Google “How to get unstuck” and Google finished my sentence for me. It added, “in life.” Number two was “in mud” and number four was “from super glue.” Lots of people are stuck in life.

There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re not a bad person for it. But you end up getting unhappier and unhappier until you start looking for ways to…

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