The Hair Diary

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but shortly after I moved to Atlanta I decided to stop relaxing my hair. Well…I was told by my new stylist to stop relaxing my hair. Yes, I put up a fight. Yes I lost that fight.

Before I moved, my sister Cassandra (who is also a licensed cosmetologist) was the only person I let touch my hair. I used wear a lot of weaves and wigs- especially in the winter, because it seemed that my hair would just break off and shed excessively between October and February every year. I was nervous about moving here with out her because I didn’t know how I would maintain my hair. My friend Tia recommended her stylist, Curtis, and during my first appointment with him he told me to stop relaxing my hair, stop wearing wigs, and he would help me get my hair healthy again…naturally.

One of my (many) wigs :)
One of my (many) wigs 🙂

I was apprehensive at first but, I trusted him. Lorenzo was cool with it because he likes my real hair anyway. The last time I’d had a relaxer was April 2013 and I haven’t looked back. Transitioning wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. I really don’t do much of anything with my hair in the first place, so I wasn’t putting it through a lot of torture.

After getting it pressed - August 2013
After getting it pressed – August 2013
Curled up- April 2014
Curled up- April 2014

I will say this though: I think I’m the worst natural ever. 🙂 After finding a bunch of blogs and websites designed to help people who want to transition maintain their tresses, I literally followed none of the advice. I don’t put any of the natural oils in my hair (except for the one time I used coconut oil because I ran out of hair pudding), I don’t do any of the beautiful and cool hairstyles that I see in the photos (1. because I’m lazy and 2. because my hair never seems thick enough or long enough to pull it off, or it just. won’t. curl.), and I don’t co-wash. I’m not even sure if I completely understand how that works to be honest. If its been too long since I’ve been to see Curtis, I’ll just wash it myself, put 5 or 6 braids in it to help it “wave” for “crimp”, and keep it moving.

My hair IS growing, however. Slowly but surely it is definitely growing. This is the most I’ve seen it grow without me keeping it hidden under a wig for months on end. There were a few months were I was using Hairfinity to help with the growth as well. I liked the product and noticed that my hair does grow faster when I’m taking it versus when I’m not, I just need to be more consistent with taking them.

Pressed again -2015
Pressed again -2015
After braiding- 2015
After braiding- 2015

I don’t have a goal length that I’m trying to reach, I just wanted my hair to be healthy. The heat in the Iraqi desert damaged my hair pretty badly (it was past my shoulder before I left and at the nape of my neck by the time I came home, and very damaged and uneven) because I didn’t know how to maintain it that extremely hot and dry environment.

I used do think that my hair just didn’t grow, or couldn’t grow long but these past 2 years have proved me wrong. I am excited about this journey and I can’t wait to see how long I can my hair to grow.

Maybe I’ll style it one day…. maybe.


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