Missing New York

I need to make a trip back home. I miss my family and friends, and I miss being in New York.

Even though I am from New Jersey, I’ve spent a great deal of time in New York as well. From family trips there as a kid, to partying there in my early 20’s, to working there as a professional for almost a decade before I moved to Georgia.

New York is a great place to visit. If you are the kind of person who likes the idea of “the big city”, likes having a lot do to and a lot to see, I would recommend to go there at least once. I know there are lot of people who like the serenity of the country side as a opposed to a major city, so this post is not for you today (sorry).

I don’t think I would ever live in New York City, a.k.a Manhattan, a.k.a “the City”. It’s every expensive, very crowded, and very LOUD. The crowds and the noise drove me crazy when I worked there. My job was located right in Rockefeller Center, so I was right in the middle of a tourist trap and stuck in all the holiday crowds.

But I had access to some of the best stuff. Here are the things I miss the most about New York:

1. All the free stuff you would get from promoters advertising their businesses. I’ve gotten free sodas, cupcakes, hummus & pretzel snacks, and once I got a female condom!

2. Food trucks. Well, the food, period. You can eat food from all over the world in NY. You can visit a different place to eat for every meal, every single day, for years. I’m not sure how many years but it’ll take you long while.


3. Speaking of food: S’mac. Enough said.

4. The Shopping. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, and purses galore. NY changed their tax policy to almost match NJ’s when it came to clothes. New Jersey doesn’t charge sales taxes on clothes, but NY did, so now there are no taxes until you spend over $110 (this may or my not still be true, but it was when I lived there).

5. There is SO much to do. Other than the traditional touristy stuff like going to a Broadway play and visiting Times Square and Central Park, websites like Lifebooker and Groupon made it even better because I was able to get deals on things I normally wouldn’t have done or found businesses that I wouldn’t have found on my own. I’ve used Lifebooker to book dance classes (belly dancing, salsa, etc), make up lessons, facials, teeth whitening, beauty products, photography lessons, and all kids of other stuff. It was super convenient because most of those things I was able to do right after work so it didn’t inconvenience me on my commute back to Jersey.

6. There were things to do for any budget. Just like there were places to party and eat that are on the high end, there were just as many hole-in-the-wall kind of places for those of use who don’t “have it like that”. This especially came in handy when I was a struggling college student trying to have a good time while keeping my spending down.

I miss New York.

I need to go back home…soon.

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