What Annoys You?

I remember a guy whom I’ve dated briefly tell me that marriage is just finding someone who’s BS you can tolerate for the rest of your life. While I didn’t agree with his cynicism in its entirety, I could agree that with every person you keep in your life you are subjecting yourself to having to put up with their…quirks for as long as you are together- just like they have to put up with yours.

Lorenzo’s has discovered some things about me that he tends to get annoyed with. No, he doesn’t mind telling me about it. I know the number one thing is that I get super paranoid…about everything. For example:

  • My check engine light came on, and even though he had it checked out and was told I could still drive the car, I told him how the car was going to break down and leave me stranded- or I’d get in an accident.
  • I was driving his car and some smoke came out of the muffler, but it looked like it was coming from under the hood of the car. He told me it was just from the muffler and I came up with this story about not wanting the engine to catch on fire with me still in the car.
  • He suggested that we swim with sharks on our honeymoon and I looked at him suspiciously and asked if he was trying to get rid of me for the insurance money.
  • Anytime he wants me to try a new food, I tell him to eat it first. Not because I think he wants to poison me, but I just want to make sure it’s going to taste good….okay…and maybe the poison thing too. This REALLY annoys him 🙂

I know that it also annoys him that I don’t check the fridge and the pantry very often. I guess because I don’t memorize every single item that is in there it gets under his skin when I make repeat purchases or if he asks for something and I don’t know what we have. I guess I’m the kind of person who only opens the fridge for the thing that I NEED at the time and don’t pay attention to anything else. Oh well.

What annoys you about your spouse or significant other? What do you do that annoys them? How do you deal with your differences?

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