Confessions of a Disgruntled Employee

I’m not really disgruntled, I’m just annoyed.

I’m sure that there are a few (or lots) of things that may annoy you with your job- your co-workers, the customers, your boss…the list could be endless. Now, while I am beyond grateful to even have a job-with benefits- to help with bills until I finish my certifications, I can’t help but to think to myself everyday about how much I want to get out of there. Every day gives me another reason to want to leave (which is why I spend a lot of my personal time looking for other jobs).

Right now I am a customer service rep for a telecommunications company, and if anyone has ever worked in customer service you can feel my pain. I’ve worked in telecommunications before I moved to Atlanta, but it was for a very small local company in New York City. Because it was a small company, we only had a few hundred customers so we were able to build relationships with them and the environment was very relaxed. So now that I’m working with a larger company, there is less time to build those relationships and its definitely a more controlled environment (complaint #1). Some of the issues I have, and they are mostly with customers, are probably what any customer service rep would have. Lets get started.

Just because I work for the company, it doesn’t mean I make major decisions on the company’s behalf. I am not the owner, I’m not a shareholder, my dad is NOT the CEO. I can’t magically change your price plans or make discounts appear. I will happily apply discounts & promotions when they are available, but don’t expect a miracle or to pay next to nothing for services that you happily use every month. We are a for-profit company, if we give you everything for free then we would go out of business. Secondly, if I WAS able to make major decisions like that, I wouldn’t be answering the phone as a customer service rep. Think about it.

Let me speak. If you ask me a question, let me answer it. It’s rude to cut people off and you will never know the answer to your question because you’re too busy running your mouth. If you think you know all the answers, why are you even calling in?

Your bill is due on the same day EVERY month. This is not new information. Also, if you don’t pay your total amount due, when it is due, the remaining balance is going to be carried over to the next month. It doesn’t just disappear. Don’t call me and ask me why the bill is so high if you haven’t made a payment in 2 months. Don’t call me and ask me why your services were cut off when you haven’t paid the bill in 4 months. Our services are NOT free! If you run a business yourself- you should know this! And while we’re at it, take the time to actually LOOK at the bill before you call, 100% of the time it will have all the information you need to know already on it.

Don’t threaten me or threaten to leave the company for a competitor. Most of the time you won’t go anywhere and if you did I wouldn’t care anyway. They do not pay me enough to beg you to stay with us, they don’t pay me enough to be insulted and threatened by you either- no job will. Its usually the people who have the smallest accounts that want to spew out those empty threats and or want credits for services that they’ve obviously used. Like really? You don’t go to a restaurant, eat $50 worth of food but then demand to only be allowed to pay for half of it. Get real.

I’ll happily fix whats wrong. Yes, we make mistakes sometimes, and I’ll be more than happy to fix whatever bad thing we’ve done, but you really don’t have to be nasty about it. Calling in and being nasty isn’t going to make me want to help you, its going to make me want to get you off my phone. All that yelling and screaming just makes you look crazy, and yes I will talk about you. Customers that are nice get more personable service. I’m willing to do a little extra for them because they are pleasant and easy to talk to. Just some food for thought.

I know there are 2 sides to every story…but this is my side. Definitely needed to get that off my chest. Do you have any other grievances to add to the list? Did you ever have a negative experience with a phone rep? Were you the negative person or the rep?

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