A Few More Things the Army has Taught Me

I had to spend an entire 3 days with the military this weekend; I usually dread having to spend that much time in training- especially since I’m giving up my Friday night, but this weekend wasn’t that bad. The unit that I belong to now is full of higher ranking personnel, so you don’t hear as much whining and complaining as you would in a unit with younger soldiers. Another thing that is cool about being in unit with older people is that everyone already knows what they’re doing; you really don’t have to teach people how to do much because everyone there has at least been in the military for at least a decade at the minimum.

We spent this weekend doing some prep work for our annual 2-week event in June. I thought the training was great considering we don’t always have time to get off the base and do other things. I was expecting the worst but was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I was able take away a few more things that I’ve learned about myself, and Army this weekend:

You have to pick and choose your battles. At least 3 people told me that I handle things pretty well and I know its only because I’ve had to deal with WAY worse prior to moving here. I only fight battles I have a chance of winning or at least seeing some compromise. There is no point in taking the path of most resistance and complaining about how messed up everything is because its not going to change. I argue for things I CAN change- which is not much. Honestly, I just want to get paid on time.

You have to pick and choose the company you keep. If I didn’t learn anything in the almost 16 years I’ve been in the Army, I know I’ve learned this: watch what you say and who you say it to. Everyone who is nice to you is NOT your friend. Point, blank, period. I don’t say much to people in this unit, not because I am trying to be anti-social but because I’ve been caught up in so much drama in the past that its easier to keep people at a reasonable distance until I can figure things out on my own. The last thing I want is some BS rumor going around and I’m in the middle of it. No ma’am, no thank you.

Some people are just negative. There are some people who like to complain just for the sake of complaining; and the worst part of it as that they KNOW they’re doing it. There are others who just like drama. For example, I ordered a new set of dog tags, but I ordered them with Lorenzo’s last name and the first thing someone asked me was if I was getting a divorce. Now, while some people know that I’m getting married, I don’t expected everyone to know- but, gosh, why go to something negative? Why not ask why I ordered them that way instead of just assuming divorce? I will never understand this about some people.

I’m sure that there were be more lessons learned in the future. I am constantly learning about myself and human nature from these people. I know we only represent a very small portion of the country, but this part of my life has been a constant learning curve for me. I’m grateful for it, the good and the bad.


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