Paradise, Here We Come

The honeymoon is booked!!!

Seven days in paradise with my soon-to-be-husband, I’m so excited. Lorenzo booked our flights and hotel a few days ago. We will be staying in Honolulu at one of the local hotels, and he’s already looking into a few things for us do to like visit Pearl Harbor, going on a Sunset Cruise to visit the other islands, and swimming with sharks. I don’t know how I feel about swimming with sharks and I’m not even sure why he wants to do it, but I think its one of those things I’ll have to see how safe it looks before trying it.

I know there is going to be a gap between our actual wedding date and the honeymoon, but I know the time will go by quickly. The only thing I want for the actual wedding date is a veil. I haven’t started looking for one yet so I know I have to get on it. I have to get an outfit-maybe a dress- and I already have a millions pairs of shoes to choose from so I’m all good there. I will also need to get new name tapes for my military uniforms; I can’t forget to do that. Lorenzo and I also discussed getting some premarital counseling just to get a professional opinion about our relationship and I’m all for it (I wanted to be a therapist when I was in college so I’m very “pro” therapy when its needed).

Hawaii was definitely on my bucket list of places to visit and not only am I getting to go, but I get to go on a romantic adventure with the love of my life (is that corny or what?). I think we may find a miniature trip to take before the actual honeymoon, but that is still up on the air.

I need to get a new bathing suit.

Did I mention how excited I was?


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