To Be or Not To Be…Profane

My friend Tia called me the other night to catch up on things. We discussed the weather, work, future career goals, and Lent. I’d decided that I wasn’t going to participate in Lent this year, I’m not saying I gave up on it like I have with New Years Resolutions, but I think I just checked out. Most people (I know) “give up” some sort of food, bad habit, or indulgence for Lent instead of using the time for prayer or personal growth. I’ve been on a personal growth journey since I’ve moved here so I just didn’t see a need to pinpoint a time frame to do it.

Somehow or another Tia got me to give up Facebook (which I don’t mind) and cursing (I kind of mind). I’ve given up on the idea that I could actually give up cursing a few years ago. I’ve come to terms with it, its just a part of who I am. Now, while I’m not a raging potty mouth 24/7 I like to let out an occasional F-word a few times a day. Sometimes it just makes me feel good, other times it just sounds better in a sentence. Many people in my life (here in Atlanta) don’t think that I use profanity in any way so when I simple things like “damn” they look at me with a surprisingly shocked stare. That’s how you know I have it under control- that took years of practice.

The only time I succumb to it without a fight is when I’m with the military. I don’t have a clue what it is about being in uniform that makes me cuss like a sailor. But it’s not just me, if you ever get a chance to hang around a group of soldiers and just listen to them talk you will hear so much unnecessary and excessive foul language that it may blow your modest mind. Its like a reflex…we can’t help it. I used to avoid my grandmother for days after I returned from a weekend with the military. When Lorenzo and I first met I didn’t think he used foul language at all because for months I’d never hear him use it, that is, until I asked about his military career…then it all came out.

TalkingThe problem with some is that they feel like using foul language is offensive, unladylike, and shows a lack of intelligence or minimal vocabulary, but I find that opinion to be…one sided. Some of the most intelligent people I know let one slip every now and then. I find people who curse are just being honest, and sometimes honesty needs an occasional F word. What’s wrong with that?

What have you given up or taken on for Lent (if you participate)? How you feel about using foul language?


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