A Quick Story: A Week In Jamaica

I’m going to tell you about the time Lorenzo surprised me with a trip to Jamaica for my birthday.

Lorenzo and had our first official date in April of 2011; we met Chicago and spent 3 days together. His birthday was in June so I shipped him a few gifts and watched him open them while we chatted on Skype. With my birthday being only 2 months later, when asked what I wanted I responded that I just wanted to come visit him in New Mexico for a few days.

He agreed to that, but then a few days later called me and told me that he needed me to take a week off from work. When I asked what was so exciting about New Mexico that I needed to stay there for a week, he told me that he changed the plans and that I also needed to get a passport. He didn’t tell me where he was taking me, so for 2 months I was racking my brain trying to figure out where we were going. He didn’t even email me my plane ticket until 6am the morning of my flight.



We stayed at the Sunset Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios for 8 days. Every day we were there we did something different. The first day we wandered the resort, lounged by the pool, and explored the private beach. They have the attractions set up so that you can stay there all day, and the resort provides transportation to and from the locations for free. The second day day we went to another location where we watched a few shows where they let people swim with sharks and sting ray’s, went on a nature walk, and then swam with dolphins. The next day we went horseback riding we also got a history lesson on the island, went on a tour, and got to take the horses out in the water.



There was another day where we went on a chair lift to the top of a mountain and zip lined all the way back down. By the end of the week we spent the last two days relaxing at the resort spa, going to a talent show, and visiting the local shops for souvenirs. It was a great trip-the best birthday gift I’d ever received. The only thing that went wrong on the trip was the day before we were scheduled to return home, Hurricane Irene had reached the East Coast and I almost ended up stranded in Jamaica. Lorenzo got to go back to New Mexico with no issues and I miraculously got a flight to Charlotte, NC but had to stay there for 2 days before I could get another flight to Philadelphia and have my sisters come pick me up.



I had a lot of firsts on that trip. It was the first time I’d ever swam with a dolphin, rode a horse, went jet skiing and kayaking, tried curried goat and jerked lobster, and traveled out of the country for non-military related purposes. I would love to visit again but I know there are so many other places I need to see first so Jamaica may just have to wait. Jamaica is a beautiful island. The people are friendly, the water is clear and beautiful, and the food is great. Our only regret was not venturing outside of the resort more often than we did when we came to the food. With every trip we take, we learn a new lesson to keep in mind for the next one.


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2 thoughts on “A Quick Story: A Week In Jamaica”

  1. What a great surprise! We’re headed to Jamaica in a few months and I’m so excited now even more so after seeing your pictures.

    1. You are going to have so much fun. The food at the resort restaurants was included, but don’t be afraid to venture out to some of the local spots. Our only regret was not going out to eat more often. Where are you going to stay?

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