Super Bowl 49 and Other Stories

Super Bowl Sunday should really be a holiday.

I mean, think about it: football is a really popular sport in America and even though there are many people who don’t like the sport or follow the games they will still watch the Super Bowl either for the commercials, the half-time show, participate in bets, or just because the parties are fun. Everything stops for the Super Bowl. I remember hating football for years because it just seemed barbaric and pointless- but I still watched EVERY Super Bowl, even though I didn’t have a clue what was going on. I should start a petition or something.

Anyway, I am not happy that the Seahawks lost, I feel like they gave it away by passing the ball instead of running it. That seems to be the general consensus on Facebook and Twitter. Even though I am a fan of the sport as whole, the Giants fan in me can’t force myself to root for the Patriots, plus I always tend to root for the underdog. But can I be honest? I enjoyed the game, meaning I’m happy it wasn’t a blow out, but it didn’t start getting interesting to me until the last 2 minutes. I’m not even going to talk about the “scuffle” at the end-that was just childish.

Katie Perry

Katie Perry put on a very classy, family friendly, and entertaining halftime show. I’ve always loved her music and I was pleasantly surprised by Missy Elliot’s surprise performance. It was drama free- there were no wardrobe malfunctions and electrical malfunctions (yes, I’m talking about you Bey). I wasn’t a fan of the commercials though- the only two I really liked were the Doritos commercial with the guy on the plane and the Dodge commercial with the people who were 100 years old. That’s it.

Other than hanging out with our friends in Snellville for the Super Bowl,  Lorenzo I went to Rays in the City with one of his co-workers and his fiance on Saturday night. We were able to hang out with this couple on another occasion at the Suite Lounge and it seems to be an on going thing. Rays in the City specializes in seafood and steaks, but they also had sushi too, so you know Lorenzo and I were all over it. After dinner we went to Lava Lounge in Midtown to have a few drinks and listen to some music. I enjoy hanging out with other couples; its something I never got to do much with other boyfriends. Plus with me being new to this city, it gives me a chance to see more and explore. So maybe one day when I’m talking to someone and they start naming random places, I’ll actually know what they are talking about instead of nodding along aimlessly.

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