The Decision

Wedding rings

After almost 2 years, countless bridal shows, 2 wedding dress fittings, numerous venue visits, and even a few arguments Lorenzo and I finally decided what we are going to do for our wedding. We finally picked a wedding date and even a time and location for our Honeymoon (honestly, we started planning the Honeymoon first). We’ve decided that we are just going to go to the courthouse in May and then off to Hawaii in August. And before you judge me, remember, we scheduled the honeymoon first.

We’ve already informed our families and most of our pre-selected guests who were all very supportive of the decision. There was some disappointment (mostly with people who I didn’t plan on inviting anyway) but overall, support and understanding. I think this is the for the best considering there are so many other things we want to do, so we want to make sure we put that money to good use.

I’d made a second visit to another bridal shop, Alfred Angelo about a week after my first visit with Brides by Demetrios. One of my co-workers, Stacy has a sister that works there as a consultant, and Tia was still in town so she came too. Stacy even invited her mom. We had a good time and I did find a style that I liked but I wasn’t wild about the material. It was a spaghetti strapped dress with almost all of the back out, but it was all lace and it kinda reminded me of….well…Gramma (pronounced – gran-maww). Everyone else kind of hated it too, they liked me in more traditional gowns 😦 But now I don’t have to buy a dress at all. 🙂 So we can save that task for another day.

Tia and I trying on Dresses
Tia and I trying on Dresses
Left: The style that I liked. Right: The dress everyone else liked
Left: The style that I liked. Right: The dress everyone else liked

I can show these off because I’m not going to buy them right? Right…

I am not super disappointed about not having an actual ceremony, but it would have been nice to have our families meet  each other. I think maybe after we buy our home, that’s what we’ll do. But in the mean time, Honeymoon planning is well underway. Lorenzo wants to plan for us to swim with SHARKS!!! That should be exciting!

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2 thoughts on “The Decision”

  1. OH. MY. GAAAAH….That last dress is EVERYTHING on you… But I still feel your decision is for the best, but if, in the future, you guys decide to do the formal thing, keep a style like that in mind and Lorenzo will run up the aisle to drag you to the alter.

    1. I have to be excited about it. I was making the most awkward faces when trying on the dresses. We may eventually have a real wedding, but for now I’ll wait until I find THE dress, you know? And everyone loved that one. I’m sure I will stick with that style.

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