How Was Your Holiday?


I know I’m late (don’t judge me), but Merry Christmas!!! How was everyone’s Christmas? I hope that Santa brought you guys everything you wanted. Me? I didn’t want much, just Season 6 and & of The Big Bang Theory, and Lorenzo ordered those for me on Sunday after I finished ordering gifts for my nieces. He also got me a sweater, only because he wanted me to have something to open on Christmas Day. I got him Bruce Lee: The Legacy Collection on DVD. He told me a few weeks ago while we were watching The Last Dragon that when he was in college he owned a Bruce Lee collection of movies, but he’d let someone borrow them and she never returned him. Of course he was excited about it, even my Dad was excited when I told him about it.

Lorenzo and I decided in November that we weren’t going to buy each other any gifts this year because we’d already spent so much money getting our cars repaired; I broke the rule and ordered the collection for him. I love seeing his face when I buy him something he really wants, its probably the same joy you feel when you see a kid open a present and its something that they’ve truly wanted. And speaking of kids opening gifts, my sister Morgan was so excited about all of the gifts that everyone sent to her daughter and step daughter. I’m not sure about all the gifts they received, but from the picture that I saw there were two little girls surrounded by pink and a sea of wrapping paper.

My friend Tia is in town for a few days, which I’m excited about, but I just wish I wasn’t still fighting off this cold. I still feel like my body is being held down by cinder blocks but at least I’m not coughing and sneezing anymore. Everyone wanted to go out last night; Lorenzo, his friends, and my brother went to the Uptown Comedy Corner in Downtown Atlanta to see Don DC Curry, Tia went to to see a drag show at Lips Atlanta in Brookhaven and I got drugged up on Nyquil and went to sleep. But I did go try on wedding gowns today; Tia and I went to Brides by Demetrios  this morning. Don’t get too excited, even though I found a style that I like, I wasn’t WOW’ed by any of them. They were very traditional gowns but I think I want something more modern, I want to be excited when I find THE dress. I know I need to hurry, if we are going to have this wedding next year, we need to get on it and I know we are pushing it.

I need to start spending my weekends at other bridal shops trying on dresses to see what designs I like. I know for  a fact that I’m not a fan a big, poofy, tool at the bottom. Some of the dresses I tried on had trains, but I don’t think I want a train either. I’m clumsy, I need a dress I can’t trip and fall over 🙂

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