Under The Weather


I don’t feel well. 😦 I have a a slight sore throat, my body is aching, I’m congested, and I’ve been alternating between sneezing and coughing so hard over the past few days that I’m surprised I still have a voice. It’s probably nothing more than a common cold brought on by not wearing proper clothing when I leave the house; I have to remember that just because I’m in Georgia and not New Jersey that I still have to keep in mind that its WINTER and I should make sure that I at least wear a coat.

I don’t get sick very often, maybe once every 3-4 years (other than seasonal allergies) so when I actually end up catching a cold I feel like the Grimm Reaper is knocking on my door.  I usually fight through it and I’m fine after a few days but I just hate going through it. What’s  worse than being sick, is having to spending your weekend at military training instead of at home getting some rest. Fortunately for me this weekend wasn’t super strenuous; I also did my best to make sure I didn’t spread any germs to others who have kids at home. I’m sure having a cold when you have young children is the absolute worst.

On Saturday, Lorenzo did some research on destinations for our Honeymoon. Australia was our original plan but I think that it will be winter time there during the time of year we want to travel so we may go with option 2 which is Hawaii. He also received a lot of good information from a coworker about where to go, what to do, and what to avoid. I always value information that will help us make the most of the trip and get the most use out of our money. That night he took me to dinner at a place called Copelands in Marietta. It was my first time going and I really enjoyed it. We had the hot crab claws appetizer, which I thought was amazing and for dinner I had the Shrimp Ducky over rice, while Lorenzo had Seafood pasta. Even though the food was very good, I ended up loving the appetizer more than the entree. I find that being the case more often than not; I know I’ve shamelessly made a meal out of appeti1zers at Bonefish Grill on more than one occasion.

I know there are plenty of other restaurants and attractions in Atlanta that I haven’t visited yet and I’m sure eventually we’ll get around to them. Lorenzo will randomly take me places I’ve never heard of or would never think to go. Like the one Saturday we were sitting around not doing anything and he suggested we go get some barbeque so we ended up downtown Atlanta at a place called Daddy D’z BBQ Joynt. The place was an absolute mess but the food was soooo good.

I should quit daydreaming about food and go find my Nyquil. If I don’t get over this cold I won’t be able to taste anything anyway.

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