Random Thought: Why I Don’t Discuss Current Events

So I was at work the other day thinking that I should post something about what was going on in the news. At the time was the announcement of the Darren Wilson / Michael Brown decision and all of the protests in Missouri, Atlanta, and New York. More recently the Eric Garner decision, and now, when I was online this morning and saw some foolishness going on with Chris Brown and his girlfriend…or ex girlfriend… or whatever.

On the more serious matters, I have my opinions and my own feelings about it but I’m not going to come on my blog and start posting hatred towards cops or Whites for that matter, calling to burn neighborhoods and bring down the government. Being a Black Woman I can certainly relate to all of whats going on; growing up in a rough neighborhood not only having to worry about criminals, but some police officers who were so used to dealing with criminals that they forget that not ALL Black people who lived there were bad. I’m also in the military and I have friends who are cops- good cops, just trying to do the right thing and earn a living for their families. I can argue both sides of that case because because I have experience with both. What I will say is how I don’t like “Hashtag activists”- people who get on all of the social media outlets to voice their outrage, opinions, and memes, jumping on the bandwagons of other people’s opinions but never plan on actually doing anything other than that. It just stops right there. Someone’s life is just the hashtag of the moment and just like the news cycle, it will change to something else in a week or two. #Icantdeal

Celebrity news is an entirely different animal. The drama never ends. Writing about celebrity news is a full time job; and I already have a full time job…and a part time job…and a fiance…and grad school. I barely have time to write this blog! Plus, I’m going to be 100% honest: I couldn’t care less about their antics. Whenever I hear about something happening in the celebrity world my reactions are pretty much the same: Surprise or shock (and in some cases, not really), I’ll state my 2 cents, and then I’m over it. I don’t have the energy to get into arguments with people I don’t know about Kim K’s behind,  how Floyd Mayweather spends his money, defending Beyonce against her haters, and whether or not I hate myself because I decided to straighten my natural hair (these are things I’ve literally seen people get into full blown arguments about online, it’s crazy). People can be very entertaining but I don’t have the attention span to deal with it. More power to the real celebrity bloggers out there.



I need to get back to work, these online courses won’t complete themselves- no matter how much I wish they would.




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