The Update

writer 2-737732Hey everyone! I missed you! Have you missed me??? I hope so 🙂 Okay so just a quick update on what I’ve been up to for the past month.

The class I’m in right now has been literally kicking my butt, but the good news is that its almost over!!!! I have one more paper to write and one more final exam and then I am D-O-N-E. I’m giddy with excitement 😉 So, I’ve spend the past few weeks either doing homework, or worrying about doing homework. I was starting to feel like I wasn’t spending enough time with Lorenzo, but he has been super understanding about it because he knows how important it is to get my work done.

But, my birthday came and went. I took a few days off from work and finished up my homework and the next day Lorenzo planned out an entire day for me: I got up early, went to get my hair done, then later on in the afternoon he took me to a place called Wed Studio to get my make up done by professional make up artist Mimi Johnson, who is A-mazing. She was so sweet and nice, and she did a fantastic job. Later on that night, we met up with my brother and went to do a photo shoot. It was so much fun. I haven’t done a photo shoot in about 7 years (I’m not sure if I mentioned how I wanted to be a model for all of about a year…I did a few photo shoots with up and coming photographers but never went much further than that.) Here are some of the shots:




Mirror Skirt Us WEHat


You like??? I love them.

But anywho… with my class being over soon, I should have a little more free time until I begin my next venture. I’ll keep you posted.

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4 thoughts on “The Update”

  1. You’re stunning!!! <3<3 I have missed you!! =) I'm glad school is going well for you and that you're almost done! That's awesome.

    1. Thank you my dear! How have you been? After this class is over (in 2 weeks) I’ll have go back and read all the posts I’ve missed.

    1. He didn’t want me to post the ones of us together for that same reason, I believe, but MIND YOU….we haven’t even set a date yet.

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