My Baby is Back


I cannot even begin to describe how happy I am to have Lorenzo home. He came home from his training event 2 weeks ago on a Friday night. The next day I took him to the spa to get a massage and a facial. He was so grateful that I planned that surprise for him. He’d been sleeping on a cot for 40 days in the desert so I figured it was the least I could do for him. I took him to Natural Body Spa in Buckhead. I loved that they had a store as soon as you walked in and because its in a plaza I assumed that it would be very small but I was mistaken. Once you go in the back, towards the spa area, there are more rooms and hallways that I wouldn’t have pictured. The bathrooms are even beautifully decorated (I always tell Lorenzo when we buy a house I want our bathrooms to either look like a hotel bathroom or a spa bathroom). The staff was also very polite and professional and I think I will keep going back for my facials. That night for dinner, we went to The Palm, Lorenzo wanted to “thank me” for taking him to the spa, even though it was a birthday present.  The next day we just stayed at home, I’m not really sure Lorenzo told anyone that he was back, he just let everyone call him and then told them…I think he wanted to stay a little silent because he was scheduled to go right back to work that Monday.

The very next Friday was the 4th of July weekend. I had reserved a room at the Hampton, right off of Myrtle Beach, so Friday morning we just got up and drove out there. It actually didn’t take that long or at least it didn’t feel like it took long. We only made one stop and the next thing I know we were in South Carolina almost to his mother’s house. When we stopped to visit his mom, nephew, and brother, Lorenzo’s sister also came over with her new baby Caden. She is SO adorable! She reminded me of Jordin and how much I missed her chunky butt. What was crazy about it was that Jordin and Caden are the same size and Jojo is 3 months younger! I text my sister that she had a fat chunky baby.

Anyway, while we were at the beach we went and walked around Broadway on the Beach, did a little bit of shopping and ended up going to a Seafood Buffet place that I’d never heard of. Lorenzo was eating crab legs like it was a sport. I was just happy he wasn’t complaining while he was eating like he did when we went to Orlando back in 2012 (before I started my blog). While we were talking around we got a drawing made of us and we also got matching rings with our names on them. That all started when I asked him where the tattoo shops were and he asked me if I wanted to get a tattoo of his name on my body. He was actually serious. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Lorenzo…I can’t imagine my life without him right now, but I don’t think I want to get a tattoo of him on me… well not just yet. Maybe if it were for some occasion like our 10 year anniversary or something, but not on impulse. Besides, my mother always told me to NEVER get a man’s name tattooed on you. EVER. That’s when we found the stand with the rings, and he settled for that.

Rings Drawing

That Saturday, we went to the beach and took pictures, we also went to the outlet mall across from the hotel and did some more shopping. I got new jeans and Lorenzo got new shoes. We also bought him some shirts and some T-shirts for his nephew. We went on a quick helicopter ride above the beach for $20, and my old First Sergeant called and told us he was visiting his mom not far from our hotel. So we visited him for a little while before heading out to dinner with Lorenzo’s cousin. This time we went to a Hibachi restaurant back on that Broadway on the Beach place (again, I’m sorry, I don’t remember the name of the place); but the food was good! Lorenzo’s cousin has me thinking I want to try being a vegetarian for a while….well maybe I’ll just eat seafood. That would be another adventure for me on top of this natural hair journey I’m on.  *sigh*

Helicopter Ride MB View

Sunday, we drove back to Lorenzo’s mothers house where she had prepared lunch for us. She is just the sweetest person ever, at least to me she is 🙂 Then we got back on the road. Again, it wasn’t that bad of a drive and I’m glad because we have to go back this weekend for a wedding. I’m planning on scoping out the area to see if we are interested in having a Myrtle Beach wedding too. Why not kill two birds with one stone? 😉

How was everyone’s 4th of July weekend? Any summer vacation plans to share?

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