She’s a Working Girl Now!

Silhouette With Clipping Path of Business Woman with Briefcase

So again, you’ll all have to forgive me for being absent: I was actually able to find another job  and I just completed my first week. One of Lorenzo’s friends was able to push my resume up a few notches at a very reputable technology company, which led to a few interviews and ultimately me getting hired. This is just proof that networking does work (and it also helps if you actually have the qualifications to do the job). I said all that to say that I have been away from my computer in order to accommodate this new change of events.

Even though I complained (a lot) about not working, I think I went into shock after only working for a few days. I actually got used to getting up and just doing whatever I wanted and not having to face Atlanta traffic…like ever. After my 3rd day at work, I tried to convince Lorenzo that it might not actually be that bad if I stayed at home, so that I could cook for him and give him the attention “he” needed. I was back at work the next day.

My fiance is a funny character. He doesn’t argue or yell, he is a very rational person so when I say crazy, asinine things like “I don’t think I want to go back to work” after we already had a plan that I WAS in fact going to work so that we could save for the wedding and accomplish our other financial goals, he just stared at me and told me that I was just in shock and I’ll be fine. Even though he won’t admit it, I believe that when he stares at me that in his head, he is really cursing me out and calling me crazy…but he just doesn’t want to say it out loud. I’m not sure which one of us is crazier…

So now that I have a real job, with a steady flow of income, Lorenzo and I can finally move forward with the wedding planning. I am not sure how I feel about it. Every time we talk about it, I try to convince him to just elope…no, he’s still not buying it. I’m not sure why I’m reluctant to plan this wedding…its something I dreaded doing since we became serious. I’ve just always wanted to take an awesome honeymoon, since we both like to travel so that will be the fun part for me. But I think that even though we are really late, we should start with some engagement photos and take things one step at a time.

Does anyone have any ideas for some engagement photo ideas? I’ve been looking on Pintrest (that site seems to be my centralized wedding idea site) and I found some that I like and I want something sophisticated and edgy, not boring and cheesy. I mean, lets be real, Lorenzo and I are both headstrong, military people who look weird when we kiss…so that’s out. LOL

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