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Last week I created a post about some of my favorite things, and now I’m going to tell you guys about some things that I can do with out. I don’t like to use the word “hate”, because its a very strong word, and I really don’t have the energy or the attention span to worry about things enough to hate them.


Tomatoes. Please spare me the “tomatoes are healthy” speech; I know that. There is just something about the way they taste when they are raw that I don’t like- and I never have to be honest. As I got older I’ve tried to incorporate them more into other foods that I eat and I realize that I can eat them when they are seasoned, cooked, or diced up small enough that I can hardly taste them (nachos, anyone?). I even went out on a limb and had Bruschetta a few times- yeah, I’m adventurous like that, but just don’t put one on my sandwich or burger- I am still a work in progress. My taste-buds prefer sweeter foods than anything else, but I also like spicy and savory foods. I can go salty, but only when I have to. Tomatoes has been one of the only foods that I’ve consistently shied away from over the years, other things- like coconut- have grown on me over time.


Horrid Grammar: No, I’m not the grammar police, but I die a little inside every time I attempt to read something that is so incomprehensible that I get angry and have to turn away (I’m looking at you Facebook). What’s worse is the people who misspell things on PURPOSE!! What are you doing to my language?? Granted, my grammar isn’t perfect, and I don’t always speak in perfect English (who does, really?) but when I write things that I know other people have to read I try to  make sure that it at least makes sense. I’ve had to stay off of Facebook and Comment sections on websites because I always have to ask myself, “Did they read this out loud before they hit Enter? Obviously not.” I don’t care enough to correct people on their bad grammar or spelling (and to be honest, I judge the people that do) but it just makes me ache inside to see it…or read it. I don’t read books full of slag- I just can’t. Sigh… and speaking of which…


Internet Thugs: I really wish that people would stop with the internet thuggery. Granted it can be quite entertaining on some levels but 95% of the time its just rude, foolish, uneducated, racist, and unfounded rants from people who just want to “hate” and call it giving their opinion. You know what they say about opinions? They are like ***holes, everyone has one. Lorenzo and I laugh at people, especially on Instagram, who follow celebrities and come to their rescue when someone is “hating” on them. Is Beyonce paying you to defend her against “haters” in the comment section? Oh, I didn’t think so. Why do you CARE? You have NOTHING else better to do? I swear, if you are bored and need some laughs visit the comment sections of celebrities on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, or any article on Yahoo and just read. Some people admit to clicking on them just to either bash or read the crazy comments. I can’t deal with these people.


Laziness: Okay, this may be more of a pet peeve really. I really don’t like lazy people, both mentally and physically. This is not to say that we all aren’t entitled to having lazy moments: you’re just not in the mood today, and the bed seems to be the best place on Earth right now or you’ve been working your butt off and have earned the right to sleep for a week straight, or you have kids (that’s a reason within itself). I get that. But I am talking about the people who NEVER TRY. You don’t work, you don’t try to work, and you complain when you don’t have or someone doesn’t want to give you something- that you haven’t earned. Are you kidding me? Now, I make it my business not to concern myself with the personal affairs of other people, especially if it doesn’t affect me- but I’m just not a fan of people who never try to get their act together but are always looking for a handout. Or people who just talk and talk and talk, but never bother to educate themselves on the stuff that they talk about. Just because you can be loud, doesn’t make you right. I could go on, but I won’t 😉


Jail: You know how people have relationship “deal-breakers” , things that they are just not going to put up with from the other person? For me jail is one of them. I am not, nor will I ever go to jail…for anyone. Ever. Period. In my senior year of college, I went to a low security and medium security prison as part of the requirement for my Criminology class, and I vowed never to set foot in one ever again. Watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix has done nothing but reaffirm that fact. Being in the Army is all the jail I need in my life- no thanks. I make this known with everyone- including my female friends- I will be there for you until the end…and for me the end is prison. I won’t go. I’m not cut out for it.

Once, a guy that I was in the Army with asked me if I was a “ride or die (for my man)” type of girl and I said no. He was so shocked and upset that I said that. I had to explain to him that if I’m dating a man who is purposely out in the streets doing illegal things, then I am not obliged to put my life on hold and wait for him to get out of jail. It would be selfish of him to ask. You don’t want me to leave you behind? Don’t do stupid things to land you in jail in the first place, because him being gone for 5 years doesn’t just affect him, it affects me too. Now if it were my husband- and really- depending on what it is, I would have to weigh the circumstances and then make a decision. But other than that, absolutely not. There was another girl who was listening to our conversation and decided she hated me after that because right before he asked me, he’d asked her and she said she would wait. Listen, I don’t care what other people do with their lives, I’m not judging you and if you think I am, you need to ask yourself why my opinion is so important to you in the first place- but either way it goes- I stand by my decisions.

But here is my list. Other things that didn’t make the cut: drama queens (and kings), when people lick paper to separate it, Clogs, and people with poor oral hygiene, or bad hygiene in general.

Tell me some of the things that you aren’t a fan of.


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