Keeping Busy

With the semester over, and about another week before the next one starts, I’ve been finding ways to keep myself busy in between time. I’ve already discussed with Lorenzo the idea of taking the next quarter off so I could focus on work and the Army. I’ve started taking some online classes and wanted to make sure my annual training event didn’t get in the way of my classwork. So far I have two A’s and want to make sure that I keep my average up. I’m determined to be Summa Cum Laude.

Unlike this rainy weekend, last weekend was really nice so Lorenzo and I went out to Piedmont Park so he could teach me how to take pictures with his fancy camera. Here are some of my favorites:


What do you think? I know I’m going to need more practice and I’ll learn how to edit them too. I think it will be fun. I’ve also been trying to get more into this Mary Kay stuff also. I’ve been putting it on hold because of school, but since I will have some time I will make an effort. Lorenzo and I were (finally) able to get to Eclipse di Luna tapas restaurant and give them a try. People have been telling me about it since I’ve been here and its only one exit away and we’ve never gone. Lorenzo and I ate about 7 or 8 plates of food. We had hamburguesas, Ahi Tuna tartare, Wild Boar Tacos, dates and chorizo wrapped with bacon, sauteed shrimp, roasted duck empanada,Β  white fish ceviche, and tres leches cake. We enjoyed everything but I really wasn’t expecting to eat that much (Yes I understand that “tapas” means small plates, its just that we’ve never eaten that much at other tapas restaurants in the past). I’m sure we will make a repeat visit just because we were being so experimental and the experience was great.

Lorenzo took me to the Atlanta Car Show last night. Because the weather was bad, it wasn’t crowded, so it was the perfect time to go. We went through this “Obstacle Course” to test out the new Jeeps, to see how they handle themselves on two wheels and high angles. Once inside, we sat in and played around in new Cadillacs, Land Rovers, the new Kia (the one in the commercial with Lawrence Fishburne), Infinity’s, Lexus, and Audi. I love the Audi A6- I’m convinced its going to be my next car. Lorenzo is a fan of the A7 but we agree to disagree on that.

Dodge Viper
Audi Spyder
BMW 760
Audi A6 TDI
Dodge Challenger
Aston Martin


Apocalypse Survival
photo 1 (2)
Apocalypse Survival
1903 Oldsmobile





























My sister wants me to get the Zombie Killer…which I told her I would consider after the Audi (considering The Walking Dead started in Atlanta). πŸ™‚

But anyways…I’ll make sure to use my time wisely, take all of my classes, try not to spend all of my money. I’m sure I’ll be able to add a few more restaurants in the upcoming weeks, and maybe I’ll start taking more pictures to add too. Atlanta is a beautiful city, so I should take advantage of the sites…you know… before the apocalypse starts πŸ˜‰


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