I Just Realized…


I just realized that I am a pretty boring person. All I do is school work, and while I’m doing said schoolwork, all I’m thinking about is other school work that I have to do… I think about what cute outfit my new niece, Jordin is wearing…and then I make dinner. I would make a horrible housewife.

Lorenzo and I don’t go out often, and even when we do its nothing so crazy that we have to sleep it off for the next two days. Usually a dinner or a movie, and sometimes we’ll go out with some of this couple friends for dinner. Nothing crazy. On weekends with neither one of us has training or anything on the agenda, we spend it on the couch usually binge watching something on Netflix and stuffing our faces.  We want to go on vacation soon, maybe to Daytona to visit his sister, but I don’t know when that is going to happen.

So this past week, I was able to finish my final two papers and final test for this quarter, and even thought I really enjoyed this class I am more than happy that it is over. Mama needs a break. Also, the Army found another way to suck me back in for another 6 years so over the weekend I re-enlisted…again. So now my new contract will take me into March 2021- it seems so far off and futuristic that I can’t imagine it. I wrote recently that I just made 15 years about 2 weeks ago and I’ve always known that I wanted to complete my 20 and retire, so it only made sense to just re-enlist now and get it over with.

I am hoping that with this semester being over that I finally take some time to do things that I want to do, like read something for leisure instead of for school, and get to go away somewhere before the next quarter picks up. I want to go somewhere where I can take photos. I want to use Lorenzo’s big fancy camera again- I haven’t used it since my sister’s baby shower in January. I want to do something fun. I miss fun.

I think its time for me to do something fun.

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