I’m an Auntie!!!


This is my niece Jordin. Isn’t she gorgeous!! She was born the day before Valentines Day- which is also my sister Val’s birthday. Her mother, Morgan, called me on the 12th to let me know that her doctor instructed her to go to the hospital, and that she would keep me posted through out the day. She was there all day and Ms. Jordin decided to show up around 3:30am on the 13th. My sister said she’s not much of a crier, but she is very greedy and likes to sleep. She even took me step by step through her delivery process and I wish I would have taken a picture of my face to capture how terrified I was. I will spare you all the details.

I was happy that my sister was in the hospital when she was because New Jersey was scheduled to get another 14 inches of snow on the 13th. I’ve been able to have some video chat time with her. She looks at the phone as if she’s saying “What the heck?” while staring back at me. Other times she struggling to get herself out of her sleep; my sister says it normally takes her about 30 minutes just to wake up. And when she sleeps, she puts her hands under her cheeks, like this:


I can’t wait to go home and meet her, I think I’m going to back after this semester is over in early spring. The weather up there has been entirely too crazy and I don’t want to risk getting stuck. During winters like this, the weather is too unpredictable and sometimes will snow well into March. I remember one year it snowed 14-24 inches or more every week for over a month. Needless to say that was crazy.

In other news, against my request, Lorenzo and I went out on Valentines Day. I made myself clear when I said I didn’t want anything and I didn’t want to do anything, but I guess when you are dating a man who LIKES to do these kinds of things, you really can’t argue with him. Around 9pm we got dressed and went to a restaurant called STK in Midtown. They also have restaurants in New York as well. The place wasn’t crowded, was nicely decorated, played really good music, and had “open booths” in the dining room so that customers are not closed off from one other. I assume they want people to be social, but if others are anything like me, they would find it odd to have other people staring at them eating their food. The overall experience was really nice, and the food was very good. The original plan was to go out with another couple, but they cancelled on us because the wife didn’t want to leave their baby at home. But we still managed to enjoy ourselves.

This weekend I also had training with the Army, as an official member of the unit- finally. It only took my old unit 4 months to transfer me…even though they knew I was leaving 7 months ago…and it should’ve been completed in 45 days…but whatever. This weekends’ focus was on our annual training events, which I am still confused about because I think everyone is getting split up and going to different locations. Lorenzo is used to doing this kind of thing, I’m not. The only time I didn’t go to training events with the entire unit was when I went to schools, so this will be a change for me. I still don’t know where I’m going because this mission they want me to go on  is something I’m not yet certified to do, so I’ll have to get that out of the way first. I’m sure I’ll figure it all out.

I’ve been entirely too preoccupied with my new niece and my sister over the past two weeks to think about anything else. Even school.

Oh boy. I better get my stuff together, before I fail this class 😦

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