His Dreams, My Dreams…Lottery Dreams


They always say that money can’t buy happiness…which is true, but I think that if I had enough money to do all the things I wanted to do in life before I died that I would be very happy. I mention this because on Saturday morning Lorenzo was watching a show called “The Lottery Changed My Life” where it interviews lottery winners and tells their stories of life before and after they won. It was telling stories of a few people who collected millions at once and then started their own businesses afterwards to help secure their future, which I thought was great. The first story was of a woman who won about 80+ million and started a production company. Her story was about how she was engaged to her personal trainer and how they go gallivanting about looking to purchase private jets, Rolls Royce, and Bugatti cars. I know that I was being mean, but I was kind of curious as to why she was engaged to a personal trainer but was still out of shape??? Hmmm. Anyway another story was of a man who also won around that same amount and started an organization which hosts fundraisers and donates the money to charity. I thought that was awesome.

Lorenzo has always talked about wanting to start a business, but he just hasn’t narrowed it down to what he wants to do yet. He is very business minded and is always thinking about the future and how to make money, but doesn’t let the pursuit of financial stability overshadow his morals and ethics. We were talking about how we would take a large sum of money and invest in our financial future by starting some sort of business, or investing in real estate or something like that. Then we would take another portion and bless our family and friends. Even though it would be easy to just give people money to do with what they wish, we know that in some cases it may be best to invest in other ways…like paying for them to go to college or starting college funds for their kids. Once we started to break down each person by their personality, we had to literally make exceptions, because there are some people who are just NOT good with money; those people scare me. It was crazy how detailed we became, putting lots of thought into individuals and how we would handle them…all considering we haven’t played the lottery recently.

In other news, Lorenzo has been taking me out a lot this past week. When I came back from NJ on Sunday he took me to a seafood placed called Spondivits by the airport. We took the food to go but I remember him taking me there about a year ago before I moved down here. We got A LOT of food. We had calamari, lobster tail and crab legs. We never really have a reason to go down to the airport so I guess he wanted to make sure he stopped there. A few days ago we went to the movies to see The Lone Ranger, which was every good- and I’m not just staying that because I’m in the military, and after the movie we went to a tapas bar called Noche in Brookhaven. I’m sorry, you can’t beat a $5 margarita and 3 small plates of food for less than $30. You’d be surprised how much small plates of salmon ceviche, beef empanadas, and chicken quesadillas can fill you. Two days ago we went to C’om in Dunwoody. I’ve mentioned C’om before, the Vietnamese restaurant we normally go to is off of Buford Highway- we thought this one was affiliated with it but the owner assured us that it wasn’t. We ordered pretty much the same thing we always do- rice noodles with veggies and a meat or the fragrant rice. Lorenzo’s rice was green though–I thought was strange but he enjoyed it so I guess it was all good. (I’ll make sure to put links in the RESTAURANTS tab).

But everything is back to normal. Lorenzo and I have been extra lovey dovey this week, I am not sure why, but it reminds me of the Kevin Heart stand up when he said that he hated “new love”.

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