The New Addition to the Family

Pull Apart Cake

So I came back home from NJ on Sunday and my only regret is that I didn’t plan the trip better so that I could stay longer. However, on the flip side of that, I’m glad I got out of there when I did because there is a snow storm up there today and since I’ve been enjoying this “not NJ” weather here in Georgia, I was happy not to be around for that.

From the time I got off the plane until the time I left, it was all about “Morgan and Jarren’s Baby shower”. My brother Kevin and sister Val, came to pick me up from the airport and took me directly to Target- where Morgan was registered- so Val could pick up her gifts. While there we ran into her friend Kim, who was also picking up gifts. After Target, we went to our other sisters house to meet up with her so that we could go and decorate the venue for Saturday. Cassandra, my sister, was acting as the main event planner for the shower. She was assisted by Leah, Kevin’s best friend and Jamila, Jarren’s Aunt- who is now Cassandra’s best friend. We all ended up going down to the place to do the majority of the preparation.

His & Hers ChairsIMG_3103

Since this was my first time seeing Morgan since she announced that she was expecting, I was completely infatuated with her stomach. Jordin, or JoJo, wasn’t particularly fond of me, I guess because she didn’t know my voice. She told me that she moves around the most for Jarren or her sister Miyah…everyone else is lucky if she moves at all…even the doctors. At eight months Morgan looks very small. She’s only gained 20 pounds during the entire pregnancy and the doctors said that it has to do with her height also (she is 5’8 1/2″ barefoot). Morgan played basketball in high school and  would incorporate a workout routine if she felt herself gaining too much weight. The girl is a major goofball about everything, but can be disciplined when it comes to her health and her finances.


The party was successful. Friends and family were introduced, we ate, had baby shower games and prizes…and lots and lots of gifts. I ended up taking over 270 photos of the entire event. They received tons of clothes, diaper bags, tubs, toys, bottles and the play mat things (you guys have to bare with me, I haven’t been around a baby in a long time so I have NO idea what to call half of the things they received), and I know they got a wipe warmer too. The money they received will open a bank account for JoJo, and the gift cards will purchase the items they didn’t receive…like a crib.


After the shower, the family reconvened at Cassandra’s house…because for some reason, that just seems to be the thing to do. On Sunday morning I got up and made everyone omelet’s because I promised Morgan about 4 months ago that I would make her whatever she wanted while I was there. Of course they were upset with me because I didn’t stay longer, but I promised that I would plan a better stay the next time I flew up there. I can’t believe that in about a month I’m going to be an Aunt for the first time and that my sister who thought that we are going to live together forever is actually making human beings and will be responsible for keeping one alive.

Of course they were getting on me about when Lorenzo and I were going to start a family but I told him I should start small with like a fish… or even a dog, but my role for the day was to try to be “best dressed aunt”.


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