New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year 2014 So, we’ve made it. Another year down, and many more to go. I know that I’m a little late (but when haven’t I been?) but here is a quick glimpse of how I spent my New Years Eve.


IMG_2882New Years

Lorenzo and I went to visit one of his friends from the Marine Corps who was having a house party. It was totally fine with me because I’ve been to clubs on New Years Eve in the past, and I was NOT impressed. I didn’t include more pictures out of respect for their other guests who didn’t want their pictures added to social media. We had a nice time and slept late on New Years Day.

In my previous post, I wrote down all of my resolutions or GOALS that I wanted to accomplish before the year was over. My goals are things that I wanted to do for myself anyway, I just think I will stick them if they are constantly reinforced, properly planned, and attainable. In the past I’ve made resolutions that I’ve stuck with for about a week (that’s the normal time frame right?) like to stop using profane language or read the entire Bible within a year. Its not that those are not attainable, its just that they require a lot more self control and discipline than I actually had. But with the wedding coming up and being in school I think that the list that I have is actually doable- considering I don’t try to accomplish everything in a month.

One of my sisters said that she doesn’t have any resolutions for this year. I thought that was cool, but then again I thought to myself, well if you don’t set any goals for your self, then what will you have to look forward to for the year? What are you working towards? I suggested that she create a 5 year plan to starting her own catering business. She loves to entertain and cook, why not turn it into a business? I was willing to give her some information about starting a business that I learned last semester for creating a business plan, but I am not sure if she is going to take it. As part of my post-Iraq new life plan, I’ve decided not to force my ideas or intentions on others, so I’m not going to bother her about it- I’m just going to worry about my own plan.

In other news, I have less than a week before school starts and I have yet to have cracked open my school book. This quarter I am taking Law, Ethics, & Corporate Governance, and since I received an A in my Contemporary Business class, I set the bar really high and need to make sure I keep that same work ethic. I think I’m going to create a Resolution Series dedicated to making sure I keep up with my goals for the year and on top of my school work.

Man…being an adult is hard work.

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