It’s My Six-Month-aversary!!

treeYes, this is a picture of “Our Little Christmas Tree”. We weren’t going to get one because we couldn’t decide on an artificial or real tree. I wanted artificial- Lorenzo wanted a real one, and probably wanted to chop it down himself too. Country boys. But I ended up winning that battle after he realized it was December 10th and we have nowhere to put our presents. And yes, its only 3 feet tall.

Christmas is less than two weeks away (and I already have my gifts, Yay!), and then after that the biggest party of the year: a.k.a. New Years Eve! I love NYE celebrations because honestly, no matter how you celebrate it you can always find a way to have a good time. The only time I didn’t celebrate NYE was when I was in Iraq. We couldn’t get dressed up, or drink, or go anywhere so there was really no point- and in all honesty I was too through with my deployment and was just ready to go home- but I digress.

Tomorrow (December 17th) also is my 6-month-aversary for when I moved to Atlanta! MAN, this past 6 months went by really quickly. Things didn’t go quite as planned, but I am making it work best I can. Lorenzo and I haven’t tried to kill each other yet, and we’ve don’t argue much at all so I think that overall this move has been a good choice for me.

How was everyone’s weekend? Well mine was eventful. I was telling Lorenzo that we don’t hang out with other people very much, and as much as I love spending time with him, I want to talk to other people too. So he called up an old co-worker who just happened to be celebrating a birthday and invited us to join them. Normally, Friday night for us is date night. So we went to Pappadeaux (again) for dinner and met his friend at a lounge called Prive in Midtown. This was a pleasant change because we usually end up at this Vietnamese restaurant called C’om or a new one we found called Chateau de Saigon, both of which are on Buford Highway (I’ll put more information under the RESTAURANTS section).

At the lounge we hung out with a nice group of people and ended up going to their home on Saturday for brunch. Brunch was originally scheduled to be a a restaurant, but we all realized that once you have a 3 as the first number in your age, it takes you a little bit longer to recover from partying all night. We ended up staying at their home all day, and then prepared for round 3. We went to a bar called The Spot, were we ate, drank, and sang karaoke (well I didn’t sing–the world doesn’t need those kinds of problems).

Lorenzo and I stayed home all day yesterday. We were dog sitting for his other friend and just watched movies all day until it was time to take him home. I think we needed that recovery time. There is no greater wake up call about how old you are until you try to do something you used to do when you were younger. I’m not 22 anymore (my knees love to remind me of that every single day) and I am totally okay with giving my body a chance to rest. It just sucks when I hang out with my brother and sisters who are still in their early 20’s who think I can hang like they can. Then I have to give them the “my body needs more recovery time than yours” and “you’ll understand when you get into your 30’s” speech. They gon learn today…. 🙂


Next up on the agenda is to prepare for my NYR list. I know that resolutions are silly to some people and MOST people don’t stick with them beyond a few weeks, but I love looking forward to a new year and planning ways to make it happen. Some of my resolutions for 2013 were to move to Atlanta and get a job or start school- and I was able to do it because I planned it out and made move. Others were long forgotten, but I think this time I’m going to be more thorough.

How was everyone’s weekend? What are your plans for Christmas? How do you feel about New Year’s Resolutions?

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