Getting to Know Your Blogger

I’ve decided to give you guys a change to get to know me a little better. I am not sure how many people have been here with me from the beginning- when I was preparing to move to Georgia, when I was packing, the drive down here and when I finally got here. But if you have been here, that’s awesome, but for the newbies I wanted to give you short rundown of who I am (other than what’s in the About Me section).

  • I have 3 brothers and 5 sisters- which includes a half-brother and a step sister, and I’m the oldest. I don’t like to use the term “half” so I never really say it, I always say “my brothers and sisters”.
  • Alexandra is my middle name. I’ve always told myself that if I were to start writing that I would publish under my middle name.
  • I love to read. I was coined “the bookworm” as a kid and sort of resented growing up because college and working began to take away from my reading time. I like fiction, but after college started reading a lot of psychology related books (Psych was my minor in undergrad).
  • I didn’t start eating eggs until I was 18. I’m just now getting comfortable eating tomatoes (except on sandwiches).
  • I am still unsure if I want to have children. I wouldn’t mind being a mom, but the idea of being pregnant scares the crap out of me.
  • I truly believe that people can do anything they want to do if they plan properly, work hard, and remain positive. I try to be open minded and optimistic because I don’t see how being negative will get you anywhere.
  • I like to write things down. Everything: notes, lists, thoughts, ideas…I always have some sort of notebook or journal so I can just write randomly. Its therapeutic.
  • I wish I could have a job where I could try on pretty shoes and model them. I love shoes.
  • Bad grammar bothers me. I know I don’t speak perfect English, but when people purposely misspell common words or use them in the wrong context, I die a little inside.
  • I miss the TV show Girlfriends…when Jill Marie Jones was on it.
  • I hate to work out, but then I give myself the most horrible guilt trips if I don’t.  
  • Every year on my birthday I get super excited about celebrating it, but then cry about all the things I haven’t accomplished yet. I’ve gotten in so much trouble for doing that.


I think that is enough for now. My “6 month’s in Georgia” anniversary is coming up in a few days and Lorenzo and I are debating on if we should go to Myrtle Beach to see his family and check out some possible wedding venues; we are not sure yet. But I would love to learn more about my readers. If you have a particular post describing more about who you are, let me know and I will make sure to check it out.; or if there is something else you want to know about me leave me a comment. Until next time…I have to workout I’ve been avoiding all morning that I need to get to.  😉

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There's a lot going on in my head and sometimes I write it down.

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