My Very Late Thanksgiving Post

thanksgiving-turkey-hi I’m sorry I’m so late with this one, but I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great Black Friday (if you chose to participate in those festivities).

For Turkey Day 2013, Lorenzo and I drove to South Carolina to see his family. Last year, Lorenzo flew up to New Jersey twice, once for Thanksgiving and then again for Christmas, so of course I was more than willing to spend this year with his family and finally get to meet all the family members. I didn’t want the first time I met them to be at the wedding. My brother Keith, came over from Alabama and went over there with us so it was good to have a familiar face with me. Lorenzo’s family members are nice, they are not as loud as my family, but still nice. I noticed a few things about his family: when Lorenzo gets around his cousins, they just tell random stories about each other- and I mean random; it was sometimes hard for me to keep up because they would sometimes start in the middle of story, and second his family has a lot more males than females….which is the exact opposite in my family.

I really enjoyed myself. I wasn’t nervous about meeting them, I just finally wanted to put faces with names. I thought that they would be more curious about who I was, but they weren’t. No one asked me any questions, other than about my military background, no pressing questions about who I was…nothing. My family was all over Lorenzo when they met him, most of my mother’s family didn’t get to meet him yet, but I’m sure they’ll be all over him too. Hmmmm….maybe my family is just nosy. We were going drive out to Myrtle Beach to see a comedy show, but everyone changed their minds by the time dinner was over. We drove back Atlanta the next morning, and went to one of Lorenzo’s friend’s house for a barbeque….and after all of that we went to check out some Black Friday deals (we needed a printer). Of course by 8pm the rush was over and done with….which is awesome because I don’t like crowded places when I’m trying to shop, so Black Friday is a no-no for me.

Now its back to work. Back to the school work I neglected for for 3 days, back to my wonderful bed, couch, and television. I can’t wait for this semester to be over. I want to not have to worry about homework for a little while; I want to read a book for pleasure. I want to have something talk about other than my homework for a week or two.

In other news, my brother thinks I should start writing again, specifically an auto-biography. When I kid, circa 1988, I used to write…a lot; poems, short stories, and eventually novels I never finished. By the time I was in the 8th grade I was determined to have a published book when I was 22, but for some reason when I was in high school I stopped (and no it wasn’t because of boys- I was absolutely not a girl who had boyfriends and my Dad was not having that, so, no that wasn’t it) but once I started college I definitely stopped writing. I don’t know why I stopped, I know I was extremely secretive about who I let see my writing. Even doing this blog is a step up for me, but I guess I have to take baby steps. I laugh at myself because I’m so gung-ho about planning out my life and things I want to do except when it comes to things I’m sensitive about. I am extremely sensitive about my writing.

I will keep you posted about what I decide to do with that, I just don’t think its going to pan out right now, especially with all my school work…which I have to get back to. Laters!

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