Playing Catch Up

holiday I have no idea where the days are going. I wake up on Monday, full of tasks I want to accomplish for the week and the next thing I know its Thursday, then I blink, and its Sunday again.

Fortunately for me I decided to start writing down the things I need to do each day: 1) so I don’t forget, and 2) to make sure I actually get it done. I even wrote “Summa Cum Laude” on my task board and in my school planner so that every time I get frustrated with school I can just remember my ultimate goal.


Ok, so what’s been up with me? Well, Lorenzo and I celebrated Veterans Day on Monday by getting a free lunch at the Olive Garden. I know that’s not really celebrating, but we didn’t have any real plans. We had dinner with some of his former Marine Corps. buddies for dinner. I thought Atlanta might have a Veterans Day parade like they do in New York, but either they don’t, or we just didn’t know about it. We also went to the Marine Corps. ball on November 2nd, celebrating the Marine Corps. Birthday- which was actually November 10th. It was really nice to get dressed up and see Lorenzo in his uniform. He was actually in the ceremony, and had to carry around a sword that he wouldn’t let me play with because he’s afraid that I’ll cut off my arm or something. Whatever. After the ceremony, we went to a comedy show at Uptown Comedy Corner in Midtown.


We also went to another wedding event, one of those private ones where they show you the really expensive cookware that you will have so long that you will be able to pass them down to your children. They try to scare you by telling you that your cookware at home is impermanent, and can possibly kill your birds. We didn’t believe this until we went to a store and actually read some of the labels on the Non-Stick cookware. It would be nice to have, but its just not right time to spend $3000 on pots when we have a wedding we have to save up for. Besides, Lorenzo doesn’t want to give up going out to dinner twice a month just to pay for some pots; it’s how he rewards himself. I prefer shoes, but to each his own.

So the holiday’s are fast approaching and unfortunately I won’t be making a trip home. Lorenzo and I decided we will stay local for Thanksgiving, then go visit his mom in December, and my family in January. Because we have to buy airline tickets and hotel stays we are not going to go crazy with gifts. About 5 years ago I convinced my siblings to do Secret Santa, and to make sure we included my Dad and Grandmother. I got the idea one year after I spent almost half the year paying off my credit card debt from overdoing it on Christmas and having emergency situations with my car. My Grandmother was more than happy to only have to worry about one gift instead of the normal 8-10. It’s always fun to get together and surprise each other, because you never know who your gift is coming from, no matter how much you’ve tried to figure it out. I guess that we just like being together. But I already know that whomever I get to buy a gift for is getting Mary Kay products; and they have things for men in case I end up with one of my brothers.

Its never really about the gifts, we just have a good time with each other; especially now that we are moving on and out of NJ, and my sister is starting a family. Things are changing for us and its just nice to see how everyone is doing; I think that’s what I appreciate the most.

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2 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up”

  1. Happy Veterans Day to your hunny! =) A nice lunch out sounded like a great time, and it was free! =D You guys look so cute, btw!! My husband and I are still using the pots and pans we’ve had since we moved in together, like 7 years and yes, we could use some new ones but they work perfectly fine for now! One day we’ll get some but until then, eating out is fun for us AND no cleanup!!! YAY! lol.
    Glad to hear you’re doing well!! ❤

    1. Thank you so much! I thought the presentation was pretty cool, but we just can’t afford that right now. They give you free gifts for coming out: coupons, discounts on invitations and a free hotel stay either in the US or in the Caribbean . Of course you have to pay for your flight and the taxes (this IS America), but it wasn’t too bad. Maybe one day we can get them, but Lorenzo will still want to go out. I’m all for the “no clean up”.

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