It’s All for a Reason

happy halloween Happy Halloween everyone! I hope your costumes are fantastic and you get tons of great, untainted candy or get to attend an awesome party (if you haven’t already). Lorenzo and I are not dressing up or going out, but we did buy candy to give out to people if they come trick-or-treating in our apartment complex. I am not even sure if people still go trick-or-treating.

I was never a big Halloween person as an adult; it was just another day to me. I hardly ever bought costumes and if I did go out, I just made one out of whatever I had in the house- so you already know I made a “costume” out of my uniform at least once. But people really get into it. I have a friend who gets a new costume ever year-and very detailed costumes I might add-and she always looks great. This time of year in NY/NJ it gets really cold so wearing anything with the word “sexy” in front of it – which seems to be almost every costume for women-was out of the question for me, which is why I don’t celebrate it that much. Fall in Atlanta should be better, but maybe next year.

This morning I got a little taste of Atlanta rush hour traffic- I did not like it one bit. It reminded me of the 3 hour drives it used to take to get from my unit in Camden, NJ all the way back up to north Jersey every Sunday after our monthly training. Just a whole bunch of cars moving at a snails pace. Let’s just say I’m not really looking forward to doing it daily.

Today I am going to make my way to the Georgia Dome- by myself- for an event for veterans. I’m sure it’ll be fine. The Atlanta train system is nothing compared to New York City’s- and if I can navigate my way around that one, then I should be fine. Atlanta’s metro system is like a small letter “t” – it goes up and down, side to side. New York City’s metro system is like someone handed a 3 year old a few crayons and told him to go wild.

The agenda for this week includes job search, school work, some Mary Kay stuff, and more school work.  That is pretty much my life now. Even though I miss some of my coworkers from NY, I’m still happy about the decision I made to come down here. Things didn’t quite work out as I planned them, but being in the military has taught me that set backs WILL happen and you just have to adjust and keep moving because nothing should get in the way of completing the mission. I guess that’s probably why I have a “just get it done” attitude when it comes to accomplishing tasks. Lorenzo is the best at it- when he has  to work nothing else matters until the job is done. I need to be more like him since I tend to get distracted very easily.

But those are the thoughts that I leave you with and the thoughts I will keep with me for today: accomplish the mission. Whether it be just getting though this day of work or  working on your next promotion, school project, or 5 year plan- just accomplish the mission. Write a task list everyday (I have a dry erase board in the kitchen) and keep it updated. Setbacks will happen, but don’t dwell on them, fix them and move on. I keep seeing this saying and it is so true: you have the same 24 hours as everyone else, its what you choose to do with those 24 hours is what matters.


Happy Halloween everyone! Be Safe!


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One thought on “It’s All for a Reason”

  1. Happy Halloween, Alex! =) I’m glad to read this post today because I literally just finished my first article that I had to write for my professional organization’s newsletter. Me! It was nerve-wrecking to land on one topic, but I decided to write something inspirational =) That’s what we do best! Please read it when you get the chance, it’s my post titled “Everything’s Coming Up All Hallows Eve” I’d love to hear your feedback! Have a great day!!


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