Life’s Mission Statement

goals-dreams-quote-300x224Do you know what your mission statement is for your life? I thought I did, but I realized that I only had goals and no actual plan. My first class for this quarter is contemporary business and this week were are learning about small businesses, how to start one, why they are important to the economy, and why they fail. When discussing how to create a business plan the professor said, “Just like a business has to create a business plan, you have to have a business plan for your life. How many of you have mission statement for your life?…If you don’t have a mission statement, 4 or 5 action plans, and strategies to achieve them, then you are just driving down life’s highway with no where to go.”

I had a tiny wake up call. I have goals. I’ve prided myself on that for the majority of my life. I just never really had an overall plan. He made a point when he said, “You are here to get your degree. That’s a goal. If you have no idea what you are going to do with that degree after you get it, then that won’t help you.” He went on to tell us his life’s mission and how he and his wife achieved all of their goals within the timelines they set for themselves. It was very detailed.


From my own personal experience, I’ve learned that planning your life in too much detail is not great because its becomes hard to re-adjust when LIFE actually starts getting in the way. There are events that happened in my life that I never dreamed of happening that delayed all of the things I wanted to do for myself, like joining the Army and my mother passing away while I was in college. I learned to plan, but not too much. And to always, always, always have a back up plan. It makes adjusting easier to deal with. I also learned how do deal with sudden change in the Army also. We always plan our training with so much detail, but there is always a back up plan or back up route in place before each event takes place. We make sure everyone knows what’s going on in case things don’t go according to the plan.

So besides school, what’s been going on with me? Well, like I said since the shutdown Lorenzo and I haven’t been going out much at all, but he did take me to the High Arts Museum in Midtown Atlanta on Sunday, just so we could get out of the house. Lorenzo is a very talented artist, and it bothers me sometimes that he doesn’t draw anymore.  I guess I’m jealous because I don’t have any talent. 😉

I also went to a Mary Kay meeting and decided to sign up to become a Beauty Consultant. For those that are not familiar, Mary Kay Inc. is a woman owned and operated cosmetics business that has been around for 50 years. They do not own any stores, and they do not advertise- they market themselves mostly by word of mouth. I’ve used their products before and loved them, and I wanted to purchase them again, but I figured I might as well become more involved, so it can help get me out of the house and meeting people. I set up my website, its: Please check it out, make a purchase, pass the word. Its going to be harder for me to market myself, since I really don’t have any friends here in Atlanta, but its going to force me to get out and NETWORK. That is a good thing.

What’s next for me? Well I have to work on my life mission statement, I know that’s for sure! I’m going to start taking the wedding planning seriously- I even downloaded some apps. I’m also thinking about doing some volunteer work when I get more comfortable with school. I think that will be cool too.


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8 thoughts on “Life’s Mission Statement”

  1. Hi Alex!
    I’m so happy to hear you’re doing well and starting a new business for yourself! That’s so cool!

    I really enjoyed reading about the importance of writing down your dreams to make them a goal in life. That’s so true about what your professor said! I know I am here in grad school to graduate and get that M.A., but then what? I need to start honing in on the happily and successfully ever after =)

    Your post inspired me to sit down and write out my goals and my overall mission statement tonight. I will also sit down and share it with husband so that we can even come up with a mission statement together as a couple, such as the things we want to achieve as a married couple, just like your professor and his wife!

    Thank you so much for sharing! I love, loved this post!!

    Take care!


    1. Your welcome Christina!

      I just told Lorenzo that we have to formulate our mission statement as a couple. We both have goals as single adults and we’ve discussed plans as a couple, but not an actual mission statement. The class was quiet when he was saying those things. I guess we were all in shock! 🙂

      I’m really nervous about the business. I want to be successful at it. I’m that nerdy kid in class who always wants to get an A, so I apply that to everything I do. When I want to do something, I want to do my best, but I make myself nervous all the time. We are our own worst enemies LOL.


  2. A life mission statement is a great idea for a lot of people, especially young adults just coming out of college. I have an informal mission statement floating around in my brain and executed in the way I live my life but to sit down and fine tune it in writing wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    Congratulations on starting your own Mary Kay business!

    1. Thank you Jenn. When the professor presented it to us I thought it was awesome. I think a lot of people know what they want, but to write it down makes it more real. I wrote down Summa Cum Laude on my board and a dollar amount I want to make with Mary Kay.

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