Aaaannnd….we’re back!

shutdownThe Gov’t partial Shutdown is finally over and Lorenzo went back to work….for now. I am not sure how this will play out for the next few months but I hope we don’t have to go through this again in January. I will stay on top of it for as much as I can.

Lorenzo and I have been laying low during the shutdown. We had no clue when we were going to be able to get back to normal, so we were trying to take it easy with spending for the past few weeks. I’ve been trying to find free or cheap stuff for us to do because even though we were both home, didn’t mean that we had to say confined to the house. When my brother and his girlfriend came over we took them to The World of Coke, in downtown Atlanta. It’s free for military, so we just paid for them. The part I enjoyed the most was when we got to taste all the samples of Coke products from all over the world. There was a tea from Greece that I loved, so I told Lorenzo we have to go there so we can try it. I don’t know why we have to go all the way to Greece to try some iced tea that I’ve already tasted, but trust that he looked at me like I’d lost a few marbles. But we got a free coke bottle out of it!

photo photo1

I also convinced Lorenzo to go to a Remy Martin tasting event. I’d gotten an invitation in my email to go and since it was free I figured why not. The event was at the Biltmore in Midtown; it was all about the history of Remy Martin, and we got to mix a few of the aged cognac’s to try to make our own concoction, and we got to try one directly out of the barrel. I’m not a huge cognac person, but it was free so what the hell. I created an email address for the wedding and now I get all these random calls for events and shows, so that’s how I found out about it.

In other news, I think I’m getting addicted to television again. I’ve always had a television, but ever since college, I really didn’t watch it that much. Before we moved in together I had to compromise with Lorenzo to have a television in the bedroom because he likes to watch when there’s nothing else going on. I didn’t watch TV that much because I never had time; my hours at work were so crazy that I rarely bothered to turn it on.  But during my deployment, when my eyes hurt too much from reading, I would watch movies and TV series’ that I got from the haji store for $1. It was in Iraq that I got hooked on Sons of Anarchy. When I came home SOA and football where the only two things I watched. Then Lorenzo introduced me to The Walking Dead, which I became obsessed with, then my sister got me watching Scandal, and when we moved in together, Lorenzo put me on to Breaking Bad, which we had to binge watch on Netflix because I had no clue they were already in the 5th season. Now that Breaking Bad is over Lorenzo and I have been watching The New Atlanta and Preachers of L.A. Honestly I don’t know what either of those shows is about. The New Atlanta confuses me, I just watch because I want to know if Lorenzo is familiar with all the locations they film this show (which he usually is) and with Preachers of L.A. I always wonder if God is looking at me funny and wagging his finger at me. I think I may have to give up on those two- they might not be good for my soul.

scandal imagesCARKASH9Sons-Of-Anarchy

But it’s back to the books for me. It’s amazing how fast 7 days goes by when you have homework and papers to write.

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