Grad School is Ruining My Life

Back-to-SchoolI had no idea what I was thinking when I decided to go back to school. I knew that I always wanted a Masters Degree, and the main reason I joined the Army was to help pay for college. It seems sort of logical right? What I didn’t take into account was one major factor: I hate homework. I don’t mind being in school and I love to learn and meet people, but I absolutely, positively, HATE doing homework. I don’t like writing papers, I hate reading boring texts books, and I don’t like to take tests. I have no clue how I got out of undergrad in one piece.

Most of this week has been spent with my nose in my textbook. I started my homework, and I also started a research paper that the professor wants us to do. I have no clue why it takes me so long to do them. I know that I am a little rusty when it comes to studying, so I started reading the textbook before the class started. I somehow managed to still fall behind. I think I’m just getting frustrated because its taking me days to do things that normally used to take a few hours. I am sure that I’ll start to feel better about myself once I get into a groove.

In other news, one of my brothers came to visit last week for his birthday. He brought is girlfriend with him. I was actually happy to meet her because they’ve been together for a few years now. My brother Keith, who is 24 and not 23 like I’d originally thought, normally doesn’t stay with the same girls for too long, so when he was in high school I was never really interested in meeting them- I wasn’t trying to be mean, I just knew they wouldn’t be around long. But I’m happy that he is with ONE girl, and she’s a cutie and a sweetie. This weekend, some of Lorenzo’s friends from Augusta came for a quick visit, and our friend Tia came too. Unfortunately Tia’s visit was to be with family for personal reasons, so we didn’t get to spend too much time together. I did get to asked her if she would like to be my maid of honor, she accepted, but only after I promised not to be a bridezilla. Other than that, the only thing we got to do was go to a bar called Twist by Lenox mall for a quick bite the night before she went home.

This government shutdown has kept both me and Lorenzo in the house for the past two weeks. I love having him home, I just wish it was more of a “we’re on vacation so we can go out and do things” other than a “you’re being forced to stay home without pay, so I wonder how we will pay the bills next month”. Now, I don’t really like to get into politics too much so I’ll just leave it at: I hope this is over and people can get back to their jobs soon. There are things that I want to buy that I’m hesitant to right now because money is being closely monitored, things like The Little Mermaid (don’t judge me).


I’m sorry if I seem to be all over the place, I’m trying to get out so many thoughts all at once. I’m hoping that over the next few weeks that I get better at being a student again. Lorenzo and I can go back to work, and I can actually have other things to write about. I’m pretty sure no one wants to here me complain about school for the next 10 weeks.


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