Happy Birthday to Me…

HBD“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”…but I don’t want to cry, I’m actually smiling because I’m super happy that I had a pretty awesome week. Things have been slow during the day; I’ve spent most of my time unpacking and getting things in order around the house. I’m very proud of myself in that regard because it normally takes me weeks to unpack. WEEKS! But I did it…in a few days. Give a round of applause for small victories!!


Anyway, because my birthday was last Thursday, Lorenzo insisted that I get my hair done before then. On Wednesday he actually ended up working by the airport so he was able to meet me at the salon when he was done with work. We took a walk around the area, which is really close to downtown. The area seemed to be “in the works” so to speak; there were old buildings and new apartments and shops on the same street. We found this coffee shop called Urban Grind Coffeehouse that reminded me of Central Perk from the TV show “Friends”. I thought it was adorable. So after we walked around a bit more and before we went home Lorenzo said that he would send me an email and to make sure I checked it when I got home. Now, knowing him, I knew not to ask too many questions because he had something up his sleeve and wanted it to be a surprise. I go home and check my email and I was instructed to pack a bathing suit, an outfit with comfortable walking shoes, something to wear to the spa and something to sleep in. The next day we went to a resort called Chateau Elan in Braselton. They have a spa, a golf course, a winery and they perform weddings and events there.

chateau-elan-winery-and-resorts-atlanta-kingroom-2088  Chateau-Elan-Winery-And-Resort-photos-Interior-Spa-Robe-Key-Deskchateau-elan-winery-and-resort-HOLIDAY

The first place we went to was the spa. Lorenzo stayed with me for lunch and we got in the pool and hot tub, but he went to check in while I got a massage and a facial. While I was there a met a woman who was there on business- she works for Fox in NYC, in the building directly across from where I used to work in Rockefeller Center. Small world. After the spa, we went on a tour of the vineyard and the winery as a possible venue for the wedding. I had an amazing time there, the customer service was amazing and everyone was super friendly. They left a birthday card for me in the room, brought up a bottle of wine, and the event coordinator even send up chocolate covered strawberries for us after the tour. We had a great dinner at Café Elan, one of their restaurants and I had such a wonderful night of sleep. Trust me when I say that I didn’t want to leave.

On Saturday we went to play paintball with some of Lorenzo’s friends because it was one of their birthdays. I’ve played paintball before, so I know how much it can hurt, but because I was prepared I thought it would be okay. What I was not prepared for was some kid pushing me down causing me to fall and hit the side of my face on a rock. I fell on my side and scratched up my arm a bit. I was fine, I thought I was going to have a knot on the side of my head, but wound up with just a small bump. Believe it or not, I only got hit with a paintball once! It left a bruise but I wasn’t worried about it. Still hurts though. On Sunday we went to yet another bridal show at the Emory Conference Center Hotel. I know that I’m not really into this whole wedding business but I’m not going to lie…I love all the free samples the caterers give out, especially the cake. If I’d known any better, I would have been doing this sooner- just for fun. And the best part was that Lorenzo and I also won a trip to Cancun after a fashion show. They tied two pink ribbons under the chairs and Lorenzo found one of them.  So now we get to plan a trip to Mexico! Yay! Free hotel in Mexico!! Another small victory!


But, in the meantime, life must go on. I have to go back to my routine of looking for a better job and doing to research needed to go back to school. I know it’s going to be rough, but I’m sure things will fall into place. I’ve been in tougher situations before so this should be easy. Having faith is something I’m good at. 😉

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