Food, Friends, and Traffic Jams

Atlanta Traffic

I have officially been living in Georgia for a month now and I can proudly say that I have been able to do the following things: I can get to the supermarket by myself (and there’s a Starbucks in that same plaza, winning!). I can get to Perimeter Mall and Walmart by myself. I found someone to do my hair. I was finally able to get my Georgia plates, 2 weeks, 2 trips and $700 later. I learned that highway 285 goes in a big circle all the way around Atlanta…and I live outside the circle. I also learned the standard times when traffic is at its worst; on Friday’s, its all day. People drive differently down there also, it’s very annoying. My two pet peeves are the ones who glide across the highway without paying attention or turn signals and people who literally stop the car before they make a turn…REALLY????

            Lorenzo and I are still looking at wedding venues. We went to 2 different places last week and I like them both. We want to see a few more before we make a decision though, and I want to keep it a surprise. But in the mean time we have been going to all these different restaurants and cafés to eat; places they don’t have in New Jersey like Steak-N-Shake, Another Broken Egg Café, La Fonda Latina, Top Spice, Pappadeaux, and Firehouse Subs. Steak-N-Shake is a burger joint that stays open 24hrs. I was completely jealous when I learned this because I remembered all the times when I was in my early 20’s and I used to party in NYC until the wee hours of the morning and wanted a place to get some junk food and all we could find was random pizza joints. Firehouse Subs is like Subway…but better. I don’t know how else to describe it. Another Broken Egg Café is so cute. They are only open until 2pm and even though they have the standard breakfast choices, they also have all these different kinds of omelets and about 6 different kinds of Eggs Benedict. I ordered the ones with crab cakes–delicious. I’m sure that I am going to have so much fun discovering all these new places to eat, because Lorenzo is kind of a foodie and I love to eat and try new foods and restaurants. It’s one of the things that I really enjoy about him; he’s not afraid to experiment with restaurants and different foods. I once dated a guy who would not set foot inside of a restaurant that didn’t serve cheeseburgers. Needless to say our menu options were very limited and I became increasingly annoyed with eating at the same places over and over….and over again.
Also, this past weekend I had the chance to train with the unit that I want to transfer to. They are preparing to go away for their two week training, so there were mostly classes given and equipment being issued. Being in this unit will be different for me because everyone there is high ranking. At my unit in New Jersey, I was one of the higher ranking soldiers because of the way the unit was assembled, but here it’s the exact opposite…so I’ve been sort of “downgraded”. I think this will be good for me because it will be a different experience, and I feel that I there’s a lot for me to learn. Being there also made me realize how much I missed my friends. Fortunately I will get to see them next week, one last time before I officially transfer out of the unit, but I realize that after our 2 week training I won’t get to see them again. I have 3 friends that I spend the most time with; Maggie (my battle), Cherita, and Rasha. They are so cool. I’m going to make the most of it, but I have to get used the fact that I won’t have them here with me….unless I can convince them all to move down here….hmmm????

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