Missing the Bride Gene


You know how society makes you think that all women are dying to get married and have already mapped out their entire wedding, down to the teeny tiny details? Better yet, does anyone remember the episode of Sex and the City when Carrie was engaged to Aiden and didn’t want to buy a wedding dress? She didn’t even wear the engagement ring on her finger, she put it on a necklace. She made a comment about not having a “bride gene” and over the past few weeks I’ve been wondering if I was missing the gene too.

Unlike Carrie, I actually do want to get married and I want to marry Lorenzo, but the entire idea of having a wedding is not sitting well with me. We’ve only been to two venues so far and I’m already frustrated. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m thinking that maybe I’m just too lazy to plan one or I just don’t see the point in spending thousands of dollars just for one day. I really want to skip the wedding and head straight for the honeymoon- but I guess that wouldn’t sit too well with our families and friends.

Even though we have nothing in stone, not even a date, we do know that we want to spend more on the honeymoon than the wedding. We are going to use this opportunity to travel somewhere that we’d probably never go again like Australia or Beijing. I have noticed that people who are already married have agreed with that idea.

I’ve mentioned a few weeks ago how we went to see a venue at the Hilton Hotel, but last week we to see the Atlanta Botanical Garden inside of Piedmont Park. The event coordinator was helpful, as she should be- she plans weddings at their location almost weekly. She gave us a lot of helpful hints and recommended vendors who do it all, a one stop shop if you will, and gave us all the pricing and coordinating information for our out of town guests…which is basically everyone. I told Lorenzo that even if we don’t end up choosing that place, at least we got a free tour of the Botanical Garden. See? I’m optimistic.   

Someone help me! How can I get into this? I don’t think I need help with the planning, I can organize almost anything…and Lorenzo…he does logistics for crying out loud so that’s not the problem. I guess I need help mentally preparing for this. I need mental help (I couldn’t help but to laugh out loud just now). No, but seriously, how can you mentally prepare for something that you haven’t really thought about before?  

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