And He Cooks Too!

shutterstock_93326353I’m in love. There. I said it.

Those that know my relationship with Lorenzo know it too. I guess I wanted to take a minute to recognize how great I think he is. How often do we do that? Give the good guy credit for actually being a good guy?

When we were introduced by our mutual friend Tia, he was living in New Mexico so we had no choice but to talk to each other. At first it was once a week, then twice a week, and after a few months we were talking every night; we would stay on the phone until I fell asleep. I loved talking to him and I still do–he is intelligent, mature, classy, and sophisticated.

Initially Lorenzo presented himself very professionally; he didn’t swear, he didn’t use vulgar language or make dirty jokes; he didn’t sound southern, he didn’t even use slang. He was like a human text book… that is until I got him talking about the Marine Corps. I felt like I was speaking to a different person. He was aggressive, authoritative, and cussed like a sailor. It was great.

Over the past two years Lorenzo’s character has never changed, he is who he was from day one. He’s attentive, detailed in his actions, and a leader. He planned our first date in its entirety- 4 days in Chicago. I told him I loved seafood- he took me to a great restaurant called Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab. Now if you enjoy seafood I suggest you try this place-especially the stone crab. It’s amazing.

My family automatically loved him and I think his family is great too. For my 30th birthday I’d told him I wanted to come visit him in New Mexico for a few days and he ended up taking me on a surprise trip to Jamaica instead (he’s sweet, right?).

I appreciate him so much, and try to do things to show him how much as often as I can. He lets me put my feet on him when they are cold, and I spend more time on his side of the bed than my own. I want to try to soak that up as much as I can. Did I mention that he knows how to cook? Men who know how to cook are sexy.

I love him. It’s pretty cool.

If anyone reading has a great guy they want to gush about, I want to know about it. Talk about what makes him great…you know…the little things that you love about your boo.


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2 thoughts on “And He Cooks Too!”

  1. hehe.. & he cooks too!! sounds so cute! I really needed to read something happy.. Trying to get my mind off some things I wrote about today! You gave a new topic to write about!! would love to write something happy for a change now!

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