DMV Woes and Other Adventures

SOS My iPhone saved my life the other day. How? How can a phone save your life? Well, when your TomTom decides to die for some reason and you can’t remember exactly how to get back to the post office, having a talking GPS on your phone comes in handy. I’ve sort of had a “Face Palm” kind of week.

After attending a somewhat waste of time job fair Tuesday night, I decided to go the DMV on Wednesday so that the address I was putting on applications actually matched my driver’s license. Now for anyone in America who drives, you know that going to the DMV is about as much fun as getting kicked in the face, but I figure that since I’m in Georgia that maybe the DMV people will be nice at least…maybe.

I was standing in the line to get a number and not even 5 minutes later a woman who was talking to the DMV lady stormed out, calling her an a**hole on her way out. The DMV lady was taken aback, and so was everyone who’d heard her, but as time went on I noticed the DMV lady had a super snotty attitude towards other people. It was hard for me to feel bad for her after that. But I digress… 2 1/2 hours later, I survived the Georgia Department of Driver Services (because that’s what they call it here) and NOW I have to go to a totally different place to get my license plates. What?

facePalmWhy Georgia? Why?

Later on that evening Lorenzo and I went out and we needed to put gas in my car. I insisted on doing it because, you know, since I’m almost a resident here I should do it myself right? Yeah…I will admit that I did have issues getting the gas cap off, but after that I was okay. Survived my first time at the pump! Whooo! 

Gas 2 Gas1 Gas3

Have you ever seen anyone so happy to spend $47 on a 3/4 tank of gas? I didn’t think so.

On Saturday Lorenzo and I went to a place called SkyZone for one of his friends’ birthday. They have these huge trampolines were you can play 3D Dodgeball or just jump around on and they host birthday parties. Of course there were about 10 thousand kids running around and there we were…a bunch of 30 somethings running around trying to play Dodgeball with a bunch 10 year olds. Lorenzo and his friends were drenched in sweat after every game and kept going back for more. Oh, what is 3D DodgeBall you ask?

Well it’s something like this:

Except that I don’t look like that doing it. I just kind of stood in the back and jumped around until I was out. What? Don’t judge me…jumping around takes a lot more energy than you think.

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