The Official Move- Part III

Jersey Girl So this will be the last in “The Official Move” series. The ride down here was something else. We left on Saturday night after the going away party and were trying to get back by Monday. Lorenzo insisted on driving because he was used to pulling trailers, so pulling my car wasn’t a major change. I was cool with that.

Lorenzo loves to tell me about his southern and very humble upbringing that included chopping wood, tractor trailers, pigs pens, and pickled eggs. Even though my both my parent’s families are from South Carolina, I’ve only spent a little bit of time there as a kid so a lot of the things he tells me are extremely foreign to me. It makes for very confusing but also very comical arguments.

Back to the drive. We ended up stopping somewhere in Delaware after driving around in circles for an hour looking for an ATM. Sunday morning we stopped at a Waffle House for breakfast. They don’t have Waffle Houses in New Jersey so whenever I had a chance to go to one I was happy about it. There was just no way you were going to get the amount of food that they give you for the prices they were offering. I ordered grits, toast, eggs and bacon for $7. That’s not happening where I’m from-it just isn’t.

Once we were back on the road, the only time we ran into traffic was in Virginia. It set us back about 2 hours.

In South Carolina I was shocked to see a huge peach on the side of the road. I asked Lorenzo, “I thought Georgia was supposed to be the Peach State? What’s up with that?” He proceeded to educate me on the fact that South Carolina is known for their peaches also…so that was my “learn something new” for the day.

SC Peach

We finally made it home…to our home on Monday morning around 11:30am. I love, love, love our apartment. I am not a fan of the 3 flights of stairs though. The positive about it, is that I should have calves of steel in a few weeks. The apartment is coming together slowly, but I’m sure we should have everything sorted out in a few weeks. I have to learn my away around, primarily by myself because Lorenzo has to work during the day. 

So far to date, I found the post office by myself and Lorenzo showed me how to get to the Walmart. I’m going to a job fair tomorrow night, and I have to go pick up Lorenzo’s birthday gift. Then I have to go to the DMV…that should fun. 😉  

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3 thoughts on “The Official Move- Part III”

    1. Yes! LOL. I’ve noticed that Lorenzo and I go through a bottle of wine per meal so it is unbelievably convenient.

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