The Official Move–Part I

17473777-happy-smiley-emoticonThis has been a very busy week! The big day has come and gone and so much has happened that I had to separate it into multiple posts. Well, if you can’t tell by the big smiling face, that I am super happy! I finally was able to make the move that I have been planning for a while, and there were a few additional surprises that I wasn’t expecting.

Let’s start with last Wednesday. I working with a great group of people in NYC and normally when someone moves on from the company, we always have a get-together after work to celebrate. My supervisor, Jon, wanted to take me out to lunch, something a little fancier than the Chipotle that I originally wanted so we went to Oceana-a seafood restaurant on W. 49th St.  Oceana Restaurant is also one of our customers and I know one of the managers who was sad to see me go, but gave me a very sweet going away gift.

Oceana Restaurant  The food was great, if you every decided to go, try the salmon. It was amazing.

After work my coworkers and I celebrated at Johnny Utah’s on W.51st.  They have a mechanical bull that my coworkers and I were daring each other to get on. One of my brothers and two of my sisters showed up as well and my wannabe daredevil brother Kevin was more than willing to get on the bull. My sisters did too, but I think Kevin enjoyed it way too much.

Johnny Utah's  We all had a good time. One of my sisters was surprised that so many people came out for the event. She looked at me extremely confused. I had to reassure her that there are some people out there who actually like me. 🙂

Anyway, my last day of work was bittersweet. I really wish nothing but the best for my coworkers because I know a lot of them very well and know they are good people. No one cried-at least not while I was there,  and probably because I threatened to punch anyone that did.

I really don’t do well with ‘good-byes’ and I’m not really a fan of the word. My mother used to tell me that “Goodbye was forever” so my siblings and I try to make a habit of saying “See you later” instead-it doesn’t feel so permanent.

So up next on The Official Move Part II- Moving Day.


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